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So guys im in the hunt for some juicy tones. I tried all the neural plugins and i tend to buying the abasi and plini. My thoughts are that those 2 are versatile enough for almost all styles one would want and a perfect match for each other. What are your thoughts on this topic?


The Plini has been my go to daily driver ever since I bought it but I’m really digging the Abasi as well. I think the Abasi clean amp is fantastic and I really like the mod control on the delay. I mostly still prefer the compressor and reverb from Plini but that’s my own taste. I have the Nolly set up as well but haven’t really gelled with it as much.


I have the Plini VST and its good. Still enjoy the my eleven rack headrush but, tried the Abasi. OH MY GOD. The clean amp is a killer tone… aint seen anything like this… I love it… Want to now try the Nolly… well done. obviously Neural are becoming the leaders for affordable good quality VST’s.


The Plini is my go to for guitar. I have tried several others but somehow I keep going back to it. It is the most versatile one of the lot imo! Tested the Absi and the things I like about it are things I can achieve with the plini as well :slightly_smiling_face:

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i love to mix the plugins in my daw. in example: i instantly fell in love with the abasi comp, like the plini clean amp the most, enjoy the versatility of the nolly IRs and the plini reverb is simply to die for… with enabeling only the sections you need in each plugin you can take the best from every plugin and build some monster chains :sunglasses:

I’d like to share this preset I made. But how do I export presets?

Here is the preset

DTS RTM.xml (4.9 KB)

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@DropTheSun on windows your presets can be found at: c:/ ProgramData/Neural DSP/ Archetype Abasi/User

you may have to select “show hidden folders” under folder options to see the ProgramData folder

Thanks! Found it, although I use Macbook Pro. :smile:

Can’t upload files in here 'cause I’m a new user. Will have to wait a bit.


@Magnablaze I think Plini and Abasi is great chooses to have. I have Plini and love it, and trying out Abasi now. Damn that yellow amp, gain all the way down give some special effects to the gain, every blues guitars dream amp. Just love it to much, and just need this. I’m going straight on to purchase this, cant wait even if I started the trial today. :boom: