MIDI Support and Tuner

I really love Archetype Plini, I tested all others and this one gives me the most beautiful tone.
The only problem and the reason I’m not buying it yet is because I’m playing live and the MIDI support is a must for me, also the tuner.
I really hope you guys can implement it soon!

Hello @magda.b_otniel. The update for Archetype: Plini was just released. It features MIDI support and built-in tuner (among other things).

You can download it here: https://neuraldsp.com/downloads/

Clean install is recommended (Uninstall the previous version before installing the new one).



I downloaded the new version, clean install, and it looks like the old version? It says 1.0.2 in the top right, but I don’t see any of the new features.



Nevermind - I see what I did.

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Awesome news! Thank you!

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So i’m using Mac. Deleted the older version and installed the new one, activated the license and started the app. I have no input signal at all, no matter what i do! I tested Main Stage and it’s nothing wrong with hardware or audio input/output settings. Anyone had the same issue with the new version?

Maybe the app doesn’t have access to the microphone.

Please, try the following to allow apps to use the mic:

I clicked on Microphone and Plini DOES have Microphone access…
Also, the tap tempo from midi footswitch does not work the way it should; the button pressing gives you absolute or relative values, but you can’t tap it…also you can’t use the tuner with footswitch. Dissapointed!

Please reach this location:

USER / Library / Application support / Neural DSP / Archetype Plini

Send the file called “Archetype Plini.settings” to support@neuraldsp.com

OK, I did it. For what is worth, I used the old version .settings file from a previous trial version of Plini, and the problem persists.

OK so the momentary solution is to go ‘show package contents’ of ArchetypePlini app, then go to MacOS, then run the executable ArchetypePlini. This way, the input problem is solved…I’m waiting for an update, though

Hello, is there a MIDI option that activates the tuner (muted)? Unfortunately I can not find anything …

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I agree it would be nice to have midi control over the tuner for tuner/mute with foot switch. Hopefully that can be added? I don’t see it as an option either.


I hope they will implement that one too, it would be really useful for live playing


I plan on getting a midi footswitch to use with Plini, but in the meantime i was hoping i could use my Nektar Impact midi keyboard to control parameters. Is this possible, cuz I cannot seem to get it to do anything? Any help would be much appreciated.

You can also use a tablet or smart phone with TouchOSC and TouchOSC Bridge


does Plini works with any midi controller?

Hi @jplyoto

Yes, any MIDI controller should work.


if you dont mind, when i make the decision of buying it, could i show you first my choice?

Yeah, of course.

Also, Steven made some videos that might be useful to you:

MIDI Functions pt.1

MIDI Functions pt.2

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