I want you to solve the QC power supply startup

If you turn on the power strip or power transformer switch with the adapter connected
I want you to solve the problem that QUAD CORTEX starts.

Even when not using QC
I’m in trouble because the power turns on

I want you to be able to start with the QC switch even if you turn on the power tap or power transformer switch

I agree. The unit should turn on with the switch, not when you apply power to it. This is a real pain live because you want everything connected and ready to go, but don’t want the unit on yet. This should be corrected in my opinion.

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So……help me to understand PLEASE……before I drop $1,800…… the On/Off switch in the top left corner DOESN’T WORK?

I mean if the power switch is off, and you plug the power supply in; will the unit-as a whole- automatically “turn on” or “be on”?

Confuzed in CBus

It‘s more like a soft button, not a switch.

The unit starts immediately once the power plug is connected.

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If the power strip or transformer is turned on, QC will start when you connect the adapter.
I use a transformer to connect multiple devices
QC / Audio interface / Analog outboard / Mixer
Connecting these
For example, suppose you turn on a transformer to use an audio interface and mixer.
Then QC will start.
To be honest, this is troublesome, even if you do not want to use it, it will start without permission
But personally I love QC except for this issue

I have no issue with this. Just pull the plug on the back of the unit before power up. I understand it may not be optimal for some. And I know that adds wear in the plug which could be an issue down the road. Since it is designed this way they have a reason. I am not sure what is involved in changing it. Definitely not against a change here, but for me it’s far down the list since I can just mount the walk wart and power strip and unplug from the back of the unit.

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There is no power switch on the QC. When you plug it in, it is on. The “power button” in the upper left is just a soft button and you don’t even really need to use it to shut down the QC. Just unplug it.

If you don’t want your QC on, don’t plug it in. If you want it to come up noiseless, turn the volume all the way down until you are ready to go. Or make a mute patch.

You could use a power strip to turn it on or off, (this works ok in the studio) but the power button on the top left is MISLEADING at best if it doesn’t turn the unit on/off. Otherwise, the sound man needs to know to drop the faders before powering up when using live or you may get a POP.


Because there is an IO power switch mark

I think it’s a problem that you can’t turn it on and off from now on?

just plug the cortex in a powerbar… there goes the hard switch

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This is actually a useful feature in my opinion. If the soft power switch were to break, or it’s touch sensitivity to fail, you still have a way to power on the QC.

Apple does the same thing with their devices. If it’s off and you plug it in, it will turn on, even if the power buttons are broken. I can’t imagine why you would want to plug it in and not turn on…?


You don’t use it when the switch is out of order, right? You usually repair it, right?

It’s annoying to connect multiple analog devices to a transformer and unplug them

Please read the previous sentence as well.

I use a power strip to power on and off 8 different pedals and have been for years with no issues yet.