Powers On with house electricity instabilities

So it happens that my house power electricity could go off and come back on after 1 minute, maybe once or twice a week.
When the electricity is restored, my quad cortex powers on by itself.

Today I returned from work and my QC was on for about 12 hours hot as hell. I don’t say that anything bad will happen to QC, but I prefer for this not to happen.

Is there any way to bypass this? (and no I would not prefer to plug it everytime I want to play guitar)

Thank you in advance


power conditioner, which has a switch or a switched power source

It would be helpful if the QC was configurable whether to turn on or not when power is applied. NeuralDSP somewhere commented that it turns on by design and in my case it’s actually handy because I have it powered by a pedalboard power supply together with other pedals. So I’m happy not to have to switch it on separately every time I power the board.

But I don’t understand NeuralDSP’s design choice to make it exclusively turn on when powered without any choice for the user.

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Currently, that is by design. You can check and see if there is an existing request for that option and or create one etc. Otherwise, you would have to place a in-line switch in between the mains and QC or just unplug the QC when not using. I prefer to have my QC plugged into a Furman switchable power conditioner but even then I leave it powered on 24x7x365 so far. I highly recommend a power conditioner for the QC or any high end / valuable gear.