I want you to solve the QC power supply startup

How is this such an issue? It powers up when given power. When I’m ready to turn it on, I turn on power at the power strip. When I’m done, I cut power. I turn up the volume on amps last. I do this with all of my gear that will be coming out of speakers.


That’s how you use it. As you can see there are many people who don’t use it in the way you use it. Every other appliance in my house does not do this. TV/Kettle/Laptop etc…you give it power then you still have to turn it on. The QC operates in a different manner than what we are used to doing. It’s a minor thing however there are a lot of people who find it annoying, me included. It’s not the end of the world but can probably be fixed quite easily.

My apologies and didn’t mean to offend. It hasn’t been an issue for me, but hope it gets resolved for those who need a better solution.

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But pedals usually turn on the moment they get power. There’s a good reason for that too: if you lose power momentarily in a live situation, you don’t have to reach down to turn the unit on once you get power back.

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yes, but the QC is not an appliance
It’s more a guitar pedal, using a similar power supply to guitar pedal.
Do guitar pedals turn instantly ‘‘on’’ when plugged?

Does your QC behave more like a pedal or an appliance? I’ve personally never plugged my guitar in a kettle.

The fact that so many people are talking about it means it is a valid issue. It’s sufficiently frustrating to a lot of people. I had a Helix Floor for years and it does not operate in this way, there is a power switch on it. You should try plugging your guitar into a kettle, it’s electrifying.

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I’m not saying this is not an issue, I’m saying your comparison with appliances is rubbish.
does the Boss GT1000Core work like the Helix? I mean, the helix is 6 years old now, but QC and GT1000core are more recent… maybe this is how it evolves.

Maybe, but let’s hope not and that it gets fixed

Quad Cortex shouldn’t boot up when the mains power is switched on at the wall. Why not use its own power button like every other device I can think of? Sometimes I want to turn on/off at the wall as other devices are on the same multi-way adaptor and not have the QC power on.

+1, I agree. If possible this should be optional. Having the QC installed on a pedalboard it makes sense to power on instantly but when using it on a desk and maybe even as an interface, it really shouldn’t turn on automatically. I never really unterstood why there is a power button when this option is not (yet?) available.


Hi Scottiopause!
Welcome to the forum! Presently, that is by design but if you want to control the power from preventing it to auto power on etc., you would have to connect the power source to an in-line switch of sorts.