Powering the QC with an off the shelf adapter?

Is there any reason to avoid using something like this?

I’d like to be able to use something other than the wall wart (I’m currently using a CIOKS but might start using it without the board).

The values look useful at first glance. However, check beforehand whether the polarity of the connectors is correct. I have not found with a quick view there. If it is wrong, the QC could get a bad temper ;-).

Globtek PS Digi-Key part number: 1939-1233-ND works nicely for around $24 shipped in the US. Much more robust and solved the grounding artifacts that some have experienced, note I didn’t have the noise issues but wanted a spare PS just in case.

If you get it, it comes with three tips, use the larger yellow tip etc., also before you push the tip in, ensure the polarity is correct for QC (center negative).

@in5y372 Yes - definitely!

@MP_Mod thanks, Ill check it out!

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