Expression pedal latency

CorOS Version: 1.1.0

Describe your issue:
I have Mission Engineering EP-1 pedal and I’ve plugged it into QC and assigned it properly. I’m trying to play fast, rhythmic things with whammy block. Problem is that the whammy doesn’t seem to have the time to go up all the way, while my leg is already going down. To put it simply, the whammy (or the expression pedal in whole) has real bad latency problem. Problem doesn’t show in slow tempo, but fast tempos you can catch the latency of the pitch easily.

Steps to reproduce your issue:

  1. Use expression pedal with QC and assign it to Wham block
  2. Play fast tempo rhythmic music and rock the exp pedal in tempo
  3. Notice the latency between leg and pitch

I expected this to happen:
I expected the expression pedal have no or as little latency as possible.


I experienced this as well, especially noticed this for Wahs. I am using a Dunlop DVP3 Pedal.

I also think that the knob value of the assigned parameter visually lags behind a bit.
When looking into the expression configuration in the input/output menu (swipe down) the visual feedback seems to be more in-time.


For what it’s worth, I have a Moog EP-3 that doesn’t have any of the same latencies you indicated.
Have you calibrated your EP-1?

If you mean calibrating expression pedal in QC, yes.

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Hmmm, no idea. Have you tried another TRS cable by chance? Otherwise reach out to NDSP via email support and see if they have anything to offer.

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Not tried it with Wah but I have noticed some parameters lag more than others. This week I tried my Boss FV500L assigned to master on the amp sim and it lagged. If I assigned to Output - no lag…
Fingers crossed it’s software based and an easy fix… although my return port indicator still shows something plugged into it despite no cable plugged in so where this latency would fall in their list of priorities no one knows…

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Hey @MasBe, @nico2440443, @Kingbrit. Sorry to hear about that.

Please send us a ticket to, in case you haven’t already. It would be great if you could include a short video example showing the latency between the pedal and the parameter.


I am also experiencing the same issue, exactly as you described it. Everything in my setup is connected and calibrated as it is supposed to be and I even took it a step further and did a side by side comparison with my actual Digitech Whammy pedal and it was a night and day difference between the two in terms of pedal response/latency. This is a big concern of mine with my QC, however, for the time being, I have the real pedals to substitute in. I’m looking forward to the update that corrects the issue. I too am following Gonzalo’s advice/request and submitting a support ticket with video, but I’ve been in the middle of remodeling my studio space and haven’t been able to get everything hooked up to shoot a quick vid. In due time I suppose. They will get it worked out for us I’m sure.

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I am using a Fractal EV-2 and don’t seem to be having any latency issues with it.

+1 on the latency of the Pedal when assigned to wah. It’s always behind the pedal moved and just not usable. This unit is getting increasingly frustrating …

Cheers, Todde

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I have this same issue. I first discovered it when I was moving multiple parameters in an Eq block to try and get close to a custom Wah sound for fun. The latency made it unusable. I went back to the standard Wah block and it was better but still obvious latency when playing fast Wah pieces. It becomes very obvious when you compare to a real Wah, which is immediate as you would expect.

Any assignable parameter to the expression pedal needs to be very very low latency for best feel.

I still use it in a pinch as the auto engage is very useful and the actual Wah sounds are great, so hopefully the latency is just a software update to fix.

Same issue here, most noticeable with Whammy. If i try to go up and down fast with the pedal the Whammy effect has a slight delay, i can’t really use it to play fast up and downs pitch shifts. I’m on a Mission SP-1 expression pedal.

I am using a Moog EP-3 EP and no noticeable lag on wha and or whammy effects. The tracking is instantaneous IMO. Have you fully calibrated your EP?