Expression Pedal Latency - no bueno

I have noticed there is considerable latency when using an expression pedal. I tested it out with a wah pedal, and was pretty disappointed.

I used the Axe FX 2 for a while with an FCB1010 through MIDI, and its expression pedals had too much latency for me. When using the pedal jack with a 1/4" out expression pedal, it works great with virtually no latency on the Axe 2. I was hoping for the same, but sadly I think I will be returning my Quad Cortex. It was so close to being great.

So you don’t think that can be addressed with software?

I was curious about that and tried lowering the buffer rate. But so far it seems the latency is about the same with the exp pedal at any buffer rate

I meant rewriting the code or tweaking it in that regard. Btw, I use the FC1010 with the axe II. I never noticed the latency.

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So your returning the QC before even contacting support? I would at least contact them first.

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Buffer rate in what? Your DAW?

Honestly I only notice the latency when using the HotHand that is very precise, with a pedal my foot has more latency that the QC

In any case, I’m gonna send some tests to support to see what they can do by software.

With the Quad Cortex drivers installed, you can access the buffer rate on the QC itself

I put together this short video demonstrating the difference in response times.

My patch on each unit is just an amp/cab with a wah pedal in front - expression pedal controlling the wah at full 0-100. I am utilizing the dual out exp pedal so I do not have to replug it in.

I am going for a quick burst to the highest point in the wah’s motion precisely on the attack of each note. So you should hear (lets say the wah goes ‘wwwooooeeeeaaaahh’) the “aahh” part on the downbeat. With the quad cortex example, by the time the downbeat strikes, you are still hearing the “wwwoooeee” part as it catches up to my movements.

If you quickly switch back and forth between the AxeFX 2 example and the QC example, you should hear the difference pretty blantantly

The PodXT Live had a better pedal function than this

Yes, I have noticed the same thing. I am using a Roland EV-5 pedal. I will test to see if the issue only applies when the pedal is running the wah. It will be interesting to see if there is the same lag when the pedal is mapped to another parameter like volume or pitch.

I also have notice pretty nasty latency when using the expression pedal for whammy pedal stuff. Like bordering on unusable. It’s still an incredible unit, no chance I’d send it back, but would be great if support could get on this! Will they read here, or do we need to raise a ticket somewhere?

I would like to contribute to this discussion. I too have noticed the expression pedal latency, so far, while using the Whammy effect. I found it to be quite disappointing. I really hope they come up with a software update to correct the issue. I was so looking forward to selling my Digitech Whammy pedal…

That being said, I’m willing to exercise patience with the development of the QC. I just hope that they get this issue worked out before I start gigging again.

definite expression pedal latency when using the wah with a dunlop dvp3 and dvp4

I’m using Mission Engineering pedals. So it seems like the pedal isn’t the problem if it is the same amongst different brands.