MIDI: Expression Lag

CorOS Version: 2.2.1

Describe your issue:
I have a Morningstar MC8 sending MIDI to my Quad Cortex, Strymon BigSky and Microcosm using an expression pedal. When using my expression pedal, the BigSky and Microcosm react exactly as I expect (as if my EXP was direct to pedals instead of MC8). However, the Quad Cortex has a lot of lag, both visually and audibly.
If I rock the pedal back and forth fast enough, the QC effect reacts as if it had extreme latency.

Steps to reproduce your issue:

  1. MIDI cable from Morningstar MC8 MIDI out to Quad Cortex MIDI In.
    Set MC8 Omniport to Expression, TRS cable from Omniport to Expression Pedal.
    In Morningstar Editor, set Expression to control CC#1 and CC#2 of Quad Cortex (Expression 1 and 2).

  2. Set up Wah Block on Quad Cortex and assign expression parameters. EXP 1 for Wah effect and EXP 2 for bypass (toe toggle).

  3. Use expression pedal as wah pedal as normal. This is where the lag happens, if you move the pedal fast enough. The Quad Cortex doesn’t react fast enough to the MIDI.

I expected this to happen:
Exactly as above but the Wah should react as if my expression pedal was plugged directly into the EXP1 socket on the Quad Cortex. My BigSky and Microcosm are reacting perfectly to the MIDI, so why not the Quad Cortex?

I have tried the following things:

  • I have tried using different MIDI cables and TRS cables
  • I have tried swapping each pedal to different channels and positions in the MIDI chain
  • I have tried fully updating the Quad Cortex and rebooting
  • I have tried different power supplies

I’ve experienced the same issue for quite a while. I ended up just plugging the expression pedals straight into the cortex for now…

It’s still quite frustrating as it means I can’t use my EXP for my other pedals. I also can’t use MIDI out from the Quad Cortex as the MIDI options are limited to MIDI thru only rather than merge, so I can’t use my MIDI controller.

Same as the other user. My MC6 goes into the MIDI on the QC and my expression pedal goes direct into the QC.

That’s what I’m limited to but it’s not a great solution. I can’t control other pedals I need simultaneously with the expression pedal unless I use MIDI out from the QC. But that limits me to only sending MIDI from the QC instead of my MC8 as it’s MIDI Thru only, no option for merge.

I have a feeling the MIDI capabilities of the QC will be expanded soon.

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Experiencing a similar issue using the Midi Captain and it’s specific expression pedal. Whammy type movement is not smooth. It happens with wah as well but is very noticeable with whammy. I’m glad it seems to be the QC and not the Midi Captain but not sure if it’s inherent of the architecture or if it can be fixed.