Tremolo + Expression Pedal

Hello, I have an M-Audio expression pedal, it’s one of the cheaper options out there.

Here’s my issue. The rate of Tremolo speed is barely affected by the pedal, except for a tiny area in the sweep of the pedal that makes a huge speed change.

For example, 80% of the pedal sweep does essentially nothing, the 20% that affects the tremolo speed is all compressed to such a small area that it is hard to control with my foot.

I have adjusted the range of tremolo speed to try to fix my concern, ie I dialed out the super slow and the super fast range, which are not that usable to me.

Any suggestions for making the sweep of the pedal more equal over the range of the expression pedal?

Is this for using with the QC? If so, try calibrating your EXP which should resolve your issues. Otherwise, please email and they will get you sorted quickly.

Thanks, that worked. For anyone interested you slide down from the top of the touchscreen to get into the I/O settings menu to do this, it took about 10 seconds.