Crash flashing blue lights blank screen

I have a quad cortex that I purchased from Sweetwater in Feb. Today (8/6) at a gig it suddenly flashed an error message and then had a yellow sign and border saying it was rebooting. I’m not sure, but I think the error message may have said cannot perform neural capture. I certainly wasn’t trying to do that.

After about 20 minutes of nothing happening. I had to unplug the unit. Plugging it back in only gets as far as the unit having all the blue lights flashing. Blank screen.

I did have it powered by a Cioks 7 but switched to the stock power supply. I unplugged all connections to the unit and tried again with no luck. I’m reluctant to try the SIM card trick for fear it would void my warranty.

I did contact support but it’s Sunday night.

Doing a quick search, I found out that this was a somewhat common problem.

I’m a little bit annoyed. I’ve been doing this for a long time and any piece of gear that I use has to be rock solid, especially at this price point.

I had a QC new from Sweetwater recently and one day it wouldn’t go beyond the flashing blue lights after just a month of light use. I was powering it with the original power supply, and soon after using the Cooks Crux it started freezing/crashing. Thankfully Sweetwater replaced mine, but truly wild it broke so quickly.

The tech support person was surprised there isn’t a desktop editor to connect to, and also he didn’t realize the mobile app is useless for the QC itself. It was fair he thought I could try to connect the QC to Cortex Mobile, but there thing is basically a brick when it’s stuck at the blue lights.

I’d suggest going through Sweetwater support instead of Neural since they’ll probably ship you a replacement unit as opposed to waiting for Neural to repair it. They give a two year warranty on most items they sell.

The idea of having to open it to re seat a chip is crazy. People suggested a similar thing for the original Line 6 DL4 when those would stop working. But here we are trying that with an 1800 dollar floor modeler in 2023…

One month later in this problem has still not been resolved. Mostly I have been doing back and forth with sweetwater and they have been in touch with neural.

At first, they thought it might be duplicate named presets. I sent at least 20 crash reports to neural, but they have not contacted me once.

I’ve done a complete factory reset same problem. I’ve upgraded to the new OS that came out today on September 6. Same problem.

I really like what this unit can do but I’ve never been so frustrated with a piece of gear. This just shouldn’t happen. Especially at this price point.

When I had an issue with the Mesa TT 800 Mesa shipped me a new one right away, and then paid to have my returned so they could examine it. I hav had no such offer from neural. The best offer they gave me was, I could mail to them so they could take a look at. I believe this was supposed to be on my dime.

I bought mine in January 23’ and I just started having the same issue. Crash, says reboot, never reboots. I have to power cycle it and then I get the flashing blue lights but nothing else. If I let it sit for awhile unplugged it will eventually boot for me. Did you ever get a resolution to this?

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Yes. Very similar behaviour. Eventually never got past the blue lights. Sent back to Thomann as RMA 3 weeks ago.

Bought mine about a year ago to kickoff a project that ended up not happening. Used very little. Never left the rehearsal space.

3 weeks ago when I was just about to start a new project :rofl:

It really sucks because I genuinely like the unit. It sounds good, it’s easy to use, and I’m playing more because I don’t need to run my amp all of the time. I’ve used it through a power amp and it also sounds great. Unfortunately, this issue has really taken my enthusiasm down a few pegs. I’m not sure if it’s a bad unit or software but the fact that it hangs on a reboot and then wont cycle back on until I let it sit(like a capacitor has to drain down) doesn’t leave me with a good feeling.

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I finally was able to get a replacement from Sweetwater. This was after doing a bunch of things that should have fixed the issue if it was simply a software problem. This included things such as not having any sort of captures with the same name, and also making sure that any download captures or process were instantly moved into the working memory of the unit rather than in the downloads folder. Apparently as it searched for a preset or a neural capture, it would crash. All of that said, my particular unit continued to crash even after factory resets, and following all of the steps suggested by neural I have had the new unit for a couple of months. So far so good. I asked Sweetwater to let me know if they ever found out if there was a hardware issue with the unit that I had. So far I have not heard anything.

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I bought from Sweetwater as well. Looks like I’ll go that route. I’ve sent videos to neural support after they asked for them but haven’t received a response just yet but it’s also the weekend as well. I’m hoping your new unit is behaving like it should. I’ve only ever powered it from the factory supply.