Crashes and Black Screen at Boot

Are you having problems with crashes, a yellow screen (rebooting) and the device not turning on and the buttons blinking?

This is the third time in a row that this crash has occurred!

The equipment freezes, I need to turn it off and it won’t turn on anymore!

This happened at 2 shows, and I had serious financial problems with it!

I don’t understand how the equipment can be so unstable for the price and what it offers… its competitors may have problems, but talking to users and researching about it, I haven’t found problems as serious and recurring as these…

I’ve been in contact with Support, but they haven’t responded.

This is the FOURTH DIFFERENT problem that has occurred, mine was even replaced with a new one by Neural, and it is worse than the previous one…

I swear I don’t understand how they could let this happen!
I hope it solves my problem, as it is a VERY EXPENSIVE device for my reality here in Brazil, I believed in the brand, I invested in selling all my previous setup believing that I would have the best of all on the market! It really is excellent what it delivers, but this instability does not apply to those who work professionally with music, and I have doubts whether the big artists who subscribe to the brand use prototypes like the ones delivered to us, as it is not possible for them to use it giving as many problems as ours!

Just re email support. Sorry about your issues. Please make sure you are using the correct email of

Are you on the most recent firmware version? There was a problem in a couple of earlier versions with the expression pedal screen (context menu) causing a reboot.

Was there a specific action on the QC that caused the reboot?

Also, please ensure you are using the OEM power supply, if not, ensure you are providing 12v @ 2A minimum.

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freaking out. Just received my replacement unit myself… uggg…

This same thing happened to my first QC after only a month. Up til that point I only ever used the factory power supply, and then the Cioks crux a few times. Thankfully Sweetwater replaced the QC.

It was funny when I called Sweetwater and they asked me to connect the QC to a computer and try to connect to the software. The person didn’t even realize a desktop control software hadn’t been released yet.

Doesn’t surprise me unfortunately, maybe they were referring to connecting to a DAW etc?

Unfortunately they thought there was a desktop editor (it was this summer) and I had to tell them that didn’t exist. They didn’t believe me and the support rep made we wait on hold while he researched it.

Then they told me to use the mobile app….but had to explain to them the iPhone app didn’t connect to the QC itself, esp if it wouldn’t fully boot.

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Sorry that happened! They ‘should’ know better IMO. Happy holidays!

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No worries haha. Happy Holidays to you as well!

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