Quad Cortex Problems - Concerned with repurchasing

I was wondering if anyone had been experiencing any problems with their quad cortex?

I purchased one second hand a few months ago, luckily for me the unit broke within the first week therefore I was still covered via the ebay guarantee and I could return the unit. Whilst using the quad cortex and trying to push the units RAM, the unit popped up with the follow error message “Something went wrong. Your Quad Cortex experienced an unexpected problem. If you continue to experience this, please send a crash report to us to diagnose the issue” and cut all output from the unit. Luckily i could send it back, but otherwise I would have a £1300 useless box. It is a shame because tone wise, this was the best profiler/modeller I’ve ever used in terms of sound and usability. This resulted in the person I bought it from getting advised to purchase a new one as the warranty had lapsed. Although I must say this is rare as I could only find one other individual who had the same problem, and he had to have his unit replaced under warranty.

Now I am kind of in limbo to buy a new one, I want one due to the sound, usability and flexibility but concerned that after the 3 years warranty is up and it breaks I would be screwed, its not like a valve amp that is mechanical and easy fixable.

I would appreciate if people could discuss problems they’ve encountered with the unit, before I consider purchasing again?

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Hello and welcome to the forum! I have had my unit about 8 months. I purchased it from Sweetwater here in the U.S. brand new. I have had no issues with my unit. I think buying one new is the way to go. I have never heard of a unit being completely unfixable. There is a video that I posted here on the site where a fellow takes apart the QC and shows you all the components and talks about the build of the QC. He rated it very highly in both components and labor. Even after the warranty is up I cannot imagine any scenario where Neural would not be able to fix their own unit (even if there was a charge).

I often call my QC my MacBook Pro for my guitar. I have owned MacBooks for decades and I always buy the warranty for expanded coverage… and have never really used it that I can remember. So the peace of mind is worth something to me. Okay, I think you get my gist here. I think that Neural will be around for a long time. In fact they are in many ways just getting started. God bless and hope this helped. --Brian


Here is that video I was talking about… very interesting.


We’re only now beginning to hit the 3 yr mark on some of the first units, so we’ve yet to see how warranty issues on the oldest units will be handled. So far NDSP has honored warranties on second-hand units. We don’t know if that will change at some point, but imagine we’ll find out soon.

I like Brian’s “MacBook” analogy, I tend to agree and think of the QC as similar to Apple products; elegant, efficient, but totally locked-down and proprietary.

My original unit’s USB failed and they replaced my QC. Others, as with ANY piece of gear, have experienced failures and as far as I’m aware from their reports they were taken care of by NDSP.

I think based on the last few months of reports, I would recommend buying new for the full-term warranty, just because many used QCs would be hitting their ‘expiration date’ soon, coverage-wise.

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I’m super weary of the QC. I think the amp models sound better than the Helix, but my first QC essentially became a brick after a month. Hadn’t even toured with it yet. Did multiple long tours with Helix and it worked perfectly fine.

I still am keeping an HX stomp as a backup for the QC. If this second unit breaks I feel I’ll need to request a return to sweetwater because this is pretty unacceptable. Also have had a kemper for nearly 6 years and only ever had one issue with it.

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I am sorry to hear about your experience with the QC not working. It is true that having confidence in our gear is a big part of the overall feelings we will have. I have an 80’s Fender Twin that was always making a bunch of weird noises at the most inconvenient times… My Uncle who is an Electrical Engineer bought it from me cheap and fixed it. Literally reworked much of the circuit board and many other things. I reupholstered his 53 Chevy Pickup and he gave me that amp back! The sad part is that it is sitting in my living room here and I have not even turned it on since I brought it home. I would never do anything where I have to count on it in a major way. The confidence factor is HUGE.

I have had continuing disappointment and lack of response from Support since I bought my new QC over a week ago. I can’t download my “gift” plugin and
have received only one reply and it was extremely formulaic and did not assist me in any way.