QC Power Button/Reset Button and Input/Output unresponsive

I just recently purchased a Quad Cortex and have had it a week. Upon using it today the power buttons, reset buttons in the settings menu and inputs/outputs are unresponsive. It also wiped my account from the unit and erased all Wi-Fi settings. It went from its normal disc space of 27Gb~ down to telling me that it had less than 1Gb of available disk space.

Today was the first day I spent using the QC aside from a quick 30 minute setup I did the day after it arrived. I’ve heard about issues with the units before and am trying to figure out if this is common or if this is a more oddball issue to be experiencing.

I bought the unit brand new from Sweetwater after sitting on the waiting list from roughly 4 months.

I’ve done all the steps instructed when I got the

Contact Neural support. My capture and send 1 outputs stopped working. I contacted support, got an RMA and it was fixed in less then 3 weeks.

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I contacted them but still haven’t heard back yet. I’m hoping to hear back in the next day or so.

Hey @Canisayican, sorry you’re having trouble. You should hear from the team on Monday.

hi! did they fix the issue?.