CorOS 2.1.0 is now available

I wonder if they could allow optional remapping of one/both of the preset up/down switches for this:

Long press to actually change presets (maybe with a cooldown, so once it’s changing presets, every tap within ~5s will instantly change presets, then once you’re settled, it’ll revert back to shortcuts) , then customise short press for quick access to other features.

Could have one to flick between selected views/modes quickly, one dedicated to freeze/looper…

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I’m glad to see that they’ve addressed some of the most requested changes. I don’t think that we can expect attention to the more obscure requests, yet. V2.1 looks like a big step forward for the platform.


Friendly reminder… Love updates, but no votes? Did Neural forget to close out requests (and give votes back)? There are 3-5 votes that I can think of, ( i.e Sorting presets lists/ volume pedal / pic attachments to uploads) that could be reclaimed in the last two updates.

I think it just takes a few days to get around to it, they’re probably busy getting hassled with bug reports and such

What changed in the update that facilitates this?

I was curious about that too- I don’t think any of those functionalities changed this time around.

“Gain” has a couple of slightly different meanings. First, it means simply increasing signal level. Second, when used in the context of amps or pedals, it typically means turning up a signal that feeds a device (like a preamp stage) and overdriving it at some point, forcing it into harmonic distortion. The more “gain,” the more distortion.

I believe the new Volume block only works between -inf and unity gain, whereass the Gain block will go well above unity. I was wondering, myself, what it brought to the party since we already could do all that with the Gain block. Now I’ve learned that you can use it with an expression pedal to invoke different volume curves. Nice.

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No boost with the Volume block. Only works from -inf to unity gain.

Yes, I believe it will impact whatever is after it. But you can set up parallel paths to work around that if you like, of course.

Not sure.

I just connected and did it easily. Before the update I’m not sure if it was possible, but if it was, it wasn’t so easy.

Anybody could confirm if it was possible before the update?

I mean: one expression pedal for for wah, pith, level… used one by one in different scenes of the same preset.

Volume is volume and gain is gain. Two completely different things.

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Thanks……. Good insight.

I was using gain blocks at the end of my signal chain and adjusting the “level” parameter with the expression pedal to get a volume boost for lead lines and solos. I was wondering if the volume patch had a similar function is all. I wasn’t able to access my board when I asked the question.

Now I understand it won’t do the same job as my gain blocks

Completely different, and yet also exactly the same?

Yep. In the QC both the gain block and the volume block affect the level of the signal right where the block is inserted. The difference is that the gain block can boost the volume, while the volume block is at unity at 100%. You also get the different pedal sweeps with the new volume block.

VERY happy to see both the new additions of Matchless Amps/Cabs, plus the return of the ability to swap patches in set lists. The update to the cab features and UI is stellar. And I love that I have more mic options to choose from in the cab department with new Matchless cabs. The classic combo of Royer121 and Shure57 is my bread and butter. These cabs have included the 121 and I couldn’t be happier about it. I do hope they will add our feature request to drag and drop patches between existing patches in set lists, however. Once they do that, ordering set lists will be an absolute snap. For now, I’m grateful to have the swap feature back. Thanks Neural.

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yeah, I really want that ‘insert’ feature for setlists too.

Loving some of the new mics, there’s some GREAT sounding ones in there
I miss that you can’t blank out a scene name anymore by typing in a space, I hope that can be restored eventually.


It’s a really good update, but really not mind boggling at all compared to the competition. Pretty par for the course and still playing catch up. Maybe mind boggling for Beural, but let’s be realistic. I’m personally quite happy with it.


yeah, i think most of us were expecting something small since the pc editor is near so seeing a big update and the pc editor around the corner is a good sign from neural, they are already behind as you say so them actually getting closer is what we all want to see.
once they get the pc editor and plugins they will be pretty much there and then it´s updating more minor stuff (still waiting on that metronome!!!)

The Matchless sounds awesome! It’s nice to find some inspiring tones :slight_smile:


I really like the Victory Kraken, kind of like a JCM800 with a lot more gain almost like a more British sounding 5150. Anyone know what cab would go well with it for a metal(core) tone? I’ve been using a Marshall one, forgot the exact one but one of the brighter sounding 60B ones.

Does the Volume block activate the tuner when it’s at 0?