CorOS 2.1.0 is now available

The list of new features is mind-boggling, with many of them being ones we voted on in this forum! Hello Reverse Delay!


glad to see they added the matchless and victory amps (finally) and the volume!
Has anyone tried the cabs for the matchless? which one goes with what?

Hopefully we get updates on the cortex control beta soon… my back can´t take hunching over so much for much longer

I’ve been using the gain utility for volume boosts and just boosting the volume within that (doesn’t seem to boost gain)

Do we know how the volume utility is different? Is it just a stripped back version of the above?

the gain utility does boost gain.
I haven´t tried the new volume one but from what was requested here it was a general volume so you could add say an expression pedal to it and do swells or mute without having to rely on the amp volume parameter

Don’t know, just try it out.

The gain block effects OD and/or amp gain, if you put it in front of them but just alters volume if you put it after them, just like in the real world.


Yes, we can see that NDSP has been listening. That’s a lot of features and fixes for one little update. I wish I didn’t have back-to-back gigs so I could update now (not really, I’m happy to have the gigs😉).


the new Vol block includes a Logarithmic or Linear curve setting option which can help with dialing in various physical pedals. More control over the feel- very nice!


does it affect all other volumes? like if i put it at the end of the chain to an expression pedal does it mute everything or does it work more as a boost? (can´t try the update in the near future hence me asking )

It pretty much emulates a physical volume pedal; 0 is silent and 100% is full volume. It doesn’t boost like using the Gain block would, so you don’t need to set the max range to 50% anymore


Very welcome update indeed. Swapping scenes and renaming footswitches when multiple devices are assigned to the same switch is a SUPER appreciated fix

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The update reads promising for now. Especially the improved latency can help some people who were bothered by it.

But am I blind or is there still no way to make the LEDs of the inactive scenes glow dimly? In conjunction with the new look of the Gig View, this would be very nice and would greatly improve the orientation in live use. This should not require a huge update.


Hello folks, anyone tried to load the update yet? Fingers crossed that this one will be a smooth sailing one.

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A bit disappointing if that isn’t included. IMO that would be even more important than the color itself.

I’ve used it a bit, very smooth for me so far

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Very happy to see the new Volume block and logarithmic curve. Much else to like in this update too, such as the ability to name multiple stomp footswitches and the improvements to expression pedal assignment.

Generally, try not to rain on the parade after a firmware drop. This one likely required an enormous amount of work as it is probably a precursor to preparing the firmware for an editor. But here goes anyway.

One of my biggest asks from a live use perspective still remains the ability to quickly switch from the hybrid scene/stomp gig view to an all-stomps view, and back. Would like to be able to get to all of my stomps quickly rather than just the four available when I am also using scenes. IMHO this would be a huge improvement. Still not there as far as I can tell. Probably my highest priority as it frees me from feeling like I have to add a MIDI controller for live use.

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Now I can have in different scenes of the same preset, wah, volume and Low pass wah with just one expression pedal. I couldn’t do that until now and it was important for me.


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I grabbed the update straight away last night, no issues so far!


THIS please! :sob:
The update was beautiful but i (we) need the leds in the inactive scenes.

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