Quad Cortex Development Update - August 2022

Hey all!

A few days late, but here is the development update for August!



Good news, very useful features! Now we only need to stay patient :sunglasses:


Very promising :+1:

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I can’t wait to try it

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Looks like some good updates!

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It would be great if the 5-band EQ allowed for Presets. For instance,

Setting 1 - for a bright guitar with single coils
Setting 2 - fat, dirty humbucker guitar
Setting 3 - etc.

You get the idea. Please make that an option if possible. That would be amazing.

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Fantastic to see assignable master volume and global EQ coming!

Strictly in the realm of what is core functionality for me would also love to see:

  • Enhancement and simplification for setting up long serial routes. Fix the bug in the split that strands the eighth block in rows 1 & 3. Ideally that would also include the ability to send row 1 to 2, and 3 to 4, without using splits at all.
  • Ability to designate any combination of outputs (1, 2, 3, 4), or at least 1 & 3, as mono. Essential for running a mono rig out to a stage monitor and FOH.
  • More flexibility in the manner in which the expression pedal sweep and bypass can be assigned to scenes and stomps.

I just bought a QC and these are great to see. In Type of Capture can “Preamp” and “Power Amp” also be added? This would be great for something like an ADA MP1 or Marshall JMP1. These don’t fit into any of the current Capture Types listed, as they are preamps. For example, they aren’t Pedals. And they aren’t Amp Heads because that type should include both a Preamp and Power Amp. And preamps such as these will need a power amp model to play through. Would be great to have both Preamp and Power Amp available in the Type of Capture field to accommodate this.

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The IR Loader (and the Rotary block) needs a Mix control to blend the IR with the straight signal. This is a common pattern when using acoustic guitar body IRs.

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What is the difference between the Global EQ on the output stage and just having an EQ block at the end of your chain inside the grid?

Im not trying to be negative, genuinely curious.

allows you to affect all your presets at once when you’re in a different room/using a different PA/speaker setup, etc. Otherwise, at a gig you’d have to adjust each preset individually. I think it’s mostly a live sound solution for tweaking to suit new situations efficiently.


In the July Update (thread closed) there was a mention that users will be able to assign capture types: Default, Amp Head, Amp + Cab, Combo Amp, Cab, and Pedal. Had a few questions:

  1. I presume it will be possible to re-publish a capture to neural cloud and provide updated capture metadata? eg if I published a capture in 2021 I can update it in 2022 and say it’s a Combo Amp.
  2. As someone who has downloaded a lot of captures but has no idea what many of them are…If I have downloaded someones capture in 2021 before they had the ability to update the metadata and specify the capture, and later they republished the capture in 2022 with the new metadata, will there be a way to sync any updates so that I know that capture I previously downloaded is a Combo Amp?

It would be nice to be able to “get” any updated metadata for captures I have downloaded without a lot of effort. Ideally, this would be automated or 1-click. Thanks for any details on how this might work.

As a new user, currently, it can easily take me multiple hours to download things from neural cloud if I spend time favoriting more than a dozen things.

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And I thought the 8th block mystery was a proprietary issue. Hours were spent searching for (and contemplating) the possible reason(s) for the nonfunctioning block.

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LOL, yes, I too have spent hours contemplating the eighth block arcanum. Was not expecting to have to go all Da Vinci Code on something like that. I don’t know if it is an official bug, but it is one in my eyes. There may have been a reason they went live with it in the code base, but I hope they change/fix it.