Still no volume block?

So an update just dropped and still no dedicated volume block? Come on guys we need a volume block


Do you mean like the Gain block?

The Gain Block go down to -60dB. With distortion following it will leak some signal.

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Nope when you attach a Exp pedal to it with two all the way down it will give you like +12db. If you adjust the range of the sweep so it maxs out at 0db the sweep feels short and weird

I’m waiting on this as well…

i am waiting as well for the volume block

Wait, do you guys mean it’s not possible to have an expression pedal act as a Volume pedal?

Yes you can use the pedal to control a gain block with range setting 0-50% (above 50% it will boost), but as the gain block goes to minimum -60dB, with heavier distortion following the gain block, it might leak. A workaround is to put 2 gain blocks in series, controlled by a single pedal. Gain blocks after any distortion works well, as well as controlling the gain within the output block.

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Wow that’s a weird work around. Thanks for sharing, I’ll try it out.

Let’s hope for a proper volume block, it should pretty simple to implement.

Not only an actual volume block but one that turns on the tuner with heel down


That would be even better. I already voted for that request.

Like @Thembones says, make it like on the Kemper: Heel down activates the tuner! (I have 2 Kempers that works fine but lacks in other areas).
In conjunction with this request: Make the block (and other FX-blocks) stay on/off between presets/scenes if the user chooses to. If I’m on scene A and activate a clean volume boost for a solo I like to have the option to switch to another scene with more gain without the activated volume boost turning off so I have to activate it again in the middle of a solo. Helix has this since many years so I’m sure it’s just a slight tweak in the next software upgrade.

Has anyone tried using the expression pedal to disable the distortion as well as control the gain block? Doing both might address the OP’s issue.