CorOS 2.0.3 is now available

CorOS 2.0.3 is now available. Download it via Settings > Device Options > Device Updates on your Quad Cortex once connected to Wi-Fi. We recommend that you create a backup before updating your firmware.

This is a high priority security update and we recommend you update as soon as possible. If you haven’t already, please read our recent statement regarding a security vulnerability found on Quad Cortex.


  • Preset names disappearing after renaming a Preset within the Directory or Grid View Edit Details menu.
  • Impulse Response name change not taking effect after tapping the blue diskette button within the Impulse Response Edit Details menu.
  • An issue where changes made to a Preset were not saved via the Edit Details menu while the Preset was in a dirty state.

Thanks for the update Dan. As a precaution after the last update, I will be waiting to update my unit until I hear reports of there not being any such issues.

However, I must admit that I find the phrasing the ‘fix-log’ to be possibly erroneous.

“Preset names disappearing” or “issue where changes made to a Preset were not saved” does not really equate to the QC crashing and the preset which the user attempted to rename disappearing.


My QC will not perform a back up now. I don’t want to download 2.0.3 without a backup.

What is happening with Neural?
I am about at my wits end with this company

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Probably servers full post announce.
Wait some minutes…
Or sell qc

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Thanks Dan! Backed up and Updated, smooth sailing. :slight_smile:

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Backed up and Updated

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Everything worked fine. Thanks!

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For info:
At 71% It can be slow due some procedures i think.
But waiting at the end it’ all super ok.
This for people with Little patience :slight_smile:

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Smooth backup & update (in that order :grin:).

After 6 attempts the backup finally worked. The update went well and the glitch is resolved.

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Everything works great! Thanks Neural DSP! :hugs:

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I’m a brand newcomer with the Quadcortex. The unit was unpacked with the 1.4.1 OS installed.
Until today I was not able to update the unit due the bugs encountered with the 2.0.2 OS.
In a Setlist it was possable to SWAP or OVERWRITE some Presets in the list.
With the Update 2.0.3, the SWAP dissapear. Remains only the OVERWRITE possibilty !!!

Am I missing something ?

@Mikeinbed Read this.

Nice. Did the update to 2.0.3. Thank you, NDSP for providing it.

Have question regarding 2.0.2 (saw it only now, as I did not make the initial 2.0.2 update). It says: “Reports and crashlogs are now sent via a secure API request instead of via SMTP”.
Does it mean, that no sensitive data is sent to NDSP? Passwords are not traveling out of my device anymore?


Correct. Although the part you highlighted is just making the transmission of logs more secure, there was a line about ‘sensitive data has been removed from logs’ too

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Smooth update too here via smartphone. As @Niksounds wrote; chewing a little at the 71% mark, the rest is okay (same as CorOS 2.0.2 update actually).


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I’m waiting til at least tomorrow as I have a gig with it tonight, but glad to hear it all seems to be going well.

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Thank you @tomfs. I missed that part (displayed on the screen of my QC was only that one sentence. All clear now.

I would still like to see a security audit of the codebase. It would be cheaper than a law suit! It would give everyone further assurance there won’t be any further unaddressed security issues and secondarily help restore Neural DSP’s reputation.

Talking about reputation seems too much to me.
Same as before for me.
It Is a good evolving product.