Core OS 2.0 update warnings

can someone please explain to me in a more understandable way what exactly im supposed to do to not lose all my presets and patches and retain all my starred presets with the new core OS 2.0 upgrade that’s impending?

I dont understand the “warning” at all, can someone explain to me what im supposed to do to not lose anything?

I bought captures, dont want to lose those either.

If I back up my unit tonight on the old version will that be good enough to where i wont LOSE ANYTHING ?

IMHO, the warning means that once the upgrade is available, you can only connect to the cloud when you upgrade to 2.0.0

So if you decide not to upgrade immediately, you should do your backups or uploads / downloads now.

You will not lose anything.
There was a good explantion somewhere, I will try to find the link.

Read this thread.

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@DiffractionCircuit: Yes, that was the Thread I was looking for. You were quicker :slight_smile:

yeah i read this and it doesnt make any sense to me


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so can anyone who actually works at neuralDSP give me a definitive answer on what i have to do to lose NOTHING?

Thanks in advance,

Did you read the whole thread? There were some questions and answers there.


OOO OOOO sorry, yeah i thought that was just the presser from the news page, which it actually is, but i see now there is some discussion below as this is an actual forum post.

Thanks, I will surely come back and cry for help if it doesn’t alleviate my concerns

im still not sure what they plan to do about starred patches and purchased captures

Quote from Dan at Neural:

According to the quote from Dan (see above), who is a Neural employee, “creating and restoring of backups for users who remain on the older firmware will still be available”. It is the other uses of the Cortex Cloud that will be impacted such as individual preset or capture uploading/downloading - but only if you don’t upgrade to 2.0. I have no idea how the IR uploads to the cloud will be handled for users who don’t upgrade.

So, you should not lose anything regardless of whether you upgrade or not. Always a good plan to have a current backup though, and absolutely essential before doing an upgrade.

i need them to explain how this impacts individual preset, captures, and starred presets, how the new cloud revamp is going to impact my purchases etc

usually when certain key points are explained so poorly or glossed over with a generic answer its because you arent going to like the definitive answer and im worried

Your Presets and Captures will not be affected if you do or do not update. However, if you do not update, you will no longer be able to upload to or download from Cortex Cloud.

After you have updated, you will be able to upload/download anything, and nothing will be lost or changed on your Quad Cortex or Cortex Cloud account.

Some users do not like to update immediately, so we issued an advance warning about users losing access to Cortex Cloud if they do not update in case there was anything they needed to upload or download.


The email didn’t explain what risks would be mitigated by taking the “precautionary measure”.

I interpret that to mean that the upgrade has the potential to brick the QC, which of course is always a risk with any upgrade.

That is exactly what I needed to hear, THANK YOU KINDLY