QC not showing any updates

Hi everyone

My bandmate bought a brand new QC today, which is currently running on CorOS 1.4. When he wants to update, the QC says there are no updates available.
I’m experiencing a similar problem, although I’m on CoreOS 2.0.1. My QC doesn’t show any updates either, but it should show one for CoreOS 2.0.2, right?

Backups are working fine in both cases. Downloading/uploading presets to the Cortex Cloud works for me (not available on CoreOS 1.4) , which makes me asume WiFi in both cases is working fine.

My bandmate already rebooted his QC and did a factory preset, so that’s not working either.

Anyone has an idea what could be wrong?


It may be related to the recent 2.0.2 firmware bug (see CorOS 2.0.2 is now available ) , perhaps NDSP disabled updates to 2.0.2 in order to avoid people losing presets ?
Or, perhaps a 2.0.3 hotfix is coming ‘soon’ ? Just wait & see …

Updating to 2.0.2 has been temporarily disabled.