Swap preset in CORS 2.0

Hello there

I’m an really excited owner of Quad Cortex and I really appreciate the job done about CORS 2.0

Anyway I see that swap preset was removed on that release.

Maybe I miss something?

Why this feature was removed? IMHO was very powerfull!
Usually I managed setlists of my live in that way cause I have a preset for every songs.

So now, for managing setlist, I’ve to copy/paste my preset/song every times and is not really user friendly for a lots of reasons: first of all I always need an empty preset to copy that preset that I want to overwrite, than paste on the old one and so on and so on…

This approach is time consuming and I’ve a lots of “_n” in the names of my preset!

But…I would just to swap my preset :frowning:

It’s my question too. I would like that swap preset will be re-integrate in 2.0.x

It’s a legit question/request, but you should vote on the existing feature request instead of opening a new one.
Duplicates are counterproductive, because they only clutter the forum and split the votes on the same thing.


You meant “reorder presets”?

Great function. Actually there is no way to “Swap current preset to…” for reorder presets into a Bank