Advanced warning: accessing Cortex Cloud using CorOS 2.0.0

The release of CorOS 2.0.0 and Cortex Mobile 1.5.0 is imminent, and with the incorporation of several core functionality modifications, it will not be possible to utilize Cortex Cloud on Quad Cortex using an earlier version of CorOS once it is released. The capability to create and restore backups will remain functional for users using older versions.

As a precautionary measure, it is recommended to download or upload any Presets or Captures from Cortex Cloud as soon as possible, prior to the official release of CorOS 2.0.0. Additionally, all users are advised to upgrade to Cortex Mobile 1.5.0 once it is available, as previous versions will not be compatible with the new changes, specifically the removal of the Starring system, which will prevent the ability to download items on versions earlier than 1.5.0.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team at


On your mark folks! :smiley:


This is becoming a problem for me :weary::joy:……constantly refreshing browser, this forum, and my QC for updates!

I’m pretty confused by this message. I sent this in an email - copy/pasting here as well to see if others want to weigh in.:

As a precautionary measure, it is recommended to download or upload any Presets or Captures from Cortex Cloud as soon as possible

What exactly are we trying to prevent here? If I have a preset created today and choose not to upload it, will I then be prevented from ever uploading it after I update to CorOS 2.0?

Similarly, if I Star something on the website and choose not to download it until after the update, does that mean I will never be able to download that preset once I update to CorOS 2.0?

Also, with a warning like this users need to have a fixed deadline. When will CorOS 2.0 be officially released so that I can make sure I have uploaded/downloaded/backed up everything in time?


It just means that if you don’t want to update immediately, but there are things you want to upload or download, you should do that immediately as you won’t be able to once CorOS 2.0.0 is released, unless you update.

Many people do not like to update their firmware immediately, so this is an advanced warning for those users.

You will still be able to upload your Presets after updating.

You will still be able to download everything, but Starred items will move to your download queue.


ahh, I see.

So in effect, users who choose to remain on pre-2.0 firmware will be unable to use the cloud functionality (except for making backups and restoring from backup) and must update to 2.0 if they want to resume using the cloud.

do I have that right?


Yup, you nailed it!


Great, thanks! That makes a lot more sense.

Still would be good to have a target release date though - I understand why people may be hesitant to update firmware right away (if you have a big show coming up or something and don’t want to risk anything for example) so for people like that they really do need to know when this feature will be removed from their units.

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Thought of one more question - will there be any issues from people who update to 2.0.0 from a previous version of firmware (pre 1.4.1)?

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Does it mean that whatever we have in the cloud from previous versions will be deleted or will this still be available but only accessible if we update the firmware?


“download or upload any Presets or Captures from Cortex Cloud as soon as possible, prior to the official release of CorOS 2.0.0”

I understand why we should download presets and captures from cloud prior to updating the OS. But why is it necessary to upload presets or captures to the cloud prior to installing 2.0?

My goal is to NOT lose the captures and presets I’ve made on my Quad Cortex.

Dan confirmed above that you won’t lose anything by updating.

He also explained this is primarily a heads-up to those users who will NOT update immediately- THEY won’t be able to UL/DL through the app till they upgrade, as both the app and the QC itself will have changed how this procedure works

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The Neural DSP message regarding CoreOS 2.0 is very confusing and unclear. Neural should amend this message/email with what Dan explained above.


can you or someone at neuralDSP please explain in clear english what is going to happen to all the patches I have starred and all the captures I have bought and how this affects me

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From Dan in a reply in this thread : “You will still be able to download everything, but Starred items will move to your download queue.”

Disclaimer: I don’t work for NDSP, I just get computers well enough to probably translate this accurately.

Update Cortex Mobile no matter what.

If you choose to not update your firmware, you will be fine with BACKUPS of the 3rd-party purchases, however, you will not be able to purchase anymore due to needing access to the new cloud. You have to update your firmware to utilize the upcoming changes to Cortex Cloud. Since you need the cloud to download patches, you won’t be able to buy new ones and any old ones you lose won’t be accessible EXCEPT through backups that you uploaded.

Your Presets and Captures will not be affected if you do or do not update. However, if you do not update, you will no longer be able to upload to or download from Cortex Cloud.

After you have updated, you will be able to upload/download anything, and nothing will be lost or changed on your Quad Cortex or Cortex Cloud account.

Some users do not like to update immediately, so we issued an advance warning about users losing access to Cortex Cloud if they do not update in case there was anything they needed to upload or download.

I have updated the post on our website to clarify this.


Thanks for the clarification, I was a little confused as well initially but this explanation makes sense.

THANK YOU SIR, I love this thing btw and so does everyone I show it to

Dan - do you know what date this update will happen? Also - I’ve heard it might include hybrid mode… can you explain what that is?

Love this thing immensely by the way!

Drew Yowell