CorOS 2.0.2 is now available

CorOS 2.0.2 is now available. Download it via Settings > Device Options > Device Updates on your Quad Cortex once connected to Wi-Fi. We recommend that you create a backup before updating your firmware.

This is a high priority security update and we recommend you update as soon as possible. If you haven’t already, please read our recent statement regarding a security vulnerability found on Quad Cortex.


  • Reports and crashlogs are now sent via a secure API request instead of via SMTP.
  • The WiFi manager now uses hashed (encrypted) passwords.
  • Crashlogs have been sanitized of any sensitive information, including WiFi passwords.
  • Several security improvements.

just a headsup;

I’d recommend against editing any preset names after taking this update.
It crashes the QC and deletes the preset being edited. Backup recovery can restore the preset if it was saved prior to the update. I reported by email to support. After numerous attempts to submit a report from QC it finally went thru after switching to Hotspot connection.

Hope this helps till the bugfix bug can be fixed


damn, that sucks. hopefully they fix it soon since editing preset names is a pretty essential thing… hopefully 2.0.3 comes out asap and the guys working on the qc stuff can find some peace

guts theme loops in ndsp HQ


Confirmed, I tried editing the name of a preset I no longer needed. My QC crashed AND deleted the preset entirely.

EDIT: Backup restored the preset.

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I had this problem. Come here just to post it… Mine don’t save the name, then… Just freeze and suddenly shut down…

I too am having an issue renaming presets. Even after rebooting, doing a factory reset and then downloading my backup set. I still cannot rename presets.

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I had the very same issue - emailed NDSP Support as I could not get a Report to go thru either.

best to wait till the 2.0.3 fixes the issue- don’t think we’ll be renaming anything till then

i am pretty not happy to see that literally the only changes since the security notice is a patch to 2.0.2 that does nothing except address the security notice

and apparently breaks stuff

now I am sure you guys at neural have forum fatigue from people demanding daily for updates on updates, and i dont bother you with that…until now

when are you going to put out a proper release with the editor and stuff because im not going to install this probably half assed security patch to break my QC


Why release a software update on a friday? There is always a chance for bugs. Now we have to wait at least till Monday before developers get back to work.


I am having the same issue trying to rename presets. Thankfully I did a backup before the update!

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Because they did an emergency release, just adding the security fixes to the previous working release. The other new features are obviously not ready yet and can’t be ‘half released’.

Saying that, software releases on a Friday are always a bad idea, as if you do have a bug it can’t be fixed until the next unless you get devs in for overtime.
My company doesn’t allow Friday releases after midday for precisely this reason, and our apps. are a lot easier and quicker to fix.

Also, it is worrying that there is a bug in what seems like a pretty basic function that would not have been hard or unusual to test.

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This. Is. Not. Good.


nope, not good at all.
Fairly minor side-effects, but the timing can’t help but erode public opinion. Bummer.


Yes, it is the perception that can hurt a brand as bad or worse than an actually bad product. I don’t think that my QC is a bad product, but I have to admit that I am somewhat pessimistic about things regarding updates and such. If I owned this company I would be working this weekend to deliver a fix. I would be telling my crew we are working. That is the least I could do.


There came an email stating that they are indeed working on a fix right now.

Though even in the mail there is an error…

Is Neural DSP going to obtain a security audit to give assurance there aren’t further nasty bugs hiding in the code waiting to be uncovered?

Better not apply the update on Friday, right? I prefer that they take it out as soon as possible and you are free to apply it whenever you want

Have the same experience, the system crashes after editing and deleting presets and 2 hours of work going to nirvana. I’m a little pissed about, to less care and verification. Feels a little as a test pet!

The whole “Security Issue” thing starts to seriously erode my faith in NDSP …
Everything sounds ‘amateurish’ :

  • The security issue could have been completly resolved months ago if they took the ‘white hat hackers’ claim seriously (warnings have been sent to NDSP back in January by some good guys that wanted to do some ‘homebrew’ software for the QC)
  • Since when any competent software developer (or should I say the ‘Product Owner’) think that it is a good idea to submit crashlogs (containing potentially sensitive informations) via SMTP on a GMail address ?!?
  • NDSP claimed that they were aware of a security issue on 21th April , and said that a hotfix would be ready by the end of the week… in reality, it took them an additional week to ‘fix’ the issue (to be clear : I don’t blame them for taking 2 weeks to correct a security issue , I blame them for not having taking the security warning claims from the good guys back in January)
  • The 2.0.2 hotfix contains a pretty embarrassing bug: you can’t rename a preset , as it crash the QC and delete the preset you wanted to rename !
  • So, NDSP sent an email to every users warning them that there’s an (embarrassing) bug , but to add to an already very embarrassing moment, the email contains a typo saying that CorOs 2.0.0 is bugged , whereas it is the 2.0.2 version that is bugged …
  • So, NDSP sent another email saying that the previous email is wrong, and only the 2.0.2 version is bugged …

Sorry, but this is not a very good sign when so many failures are accumulated in a so short time frame…

As a side note : some user on this forum are complaining about ‘whinning users’ , but let’s be honest : when NDSP post News explaining that ‘Porting Plugins is harder than expected’, ‘Desktop editor is a huge project and harder than expected’ , ‘component shortage forced us to rewrite a lot of low-level code , it is hard and delayed the promised featured / aggressive updates’ , and so on , I really wonders who is whinning the most :thinking:

I’m a really patient person, I understand (and know) that software dev is hard and a number of unforeseeable events could happens during a dev , but all the ‘Security Issue’ / 2.0.2 firmware debacle could have been avoided by taking sensible decisions based on facts. That’s why I think that the way it turned now is not easily forgivable.

Now, let’s hope that NDSP can learn from their mistakes and avoid all this mess in the future…