Combined Ampmodel Channels/ Combined Captures

Actually there are Multiple Amp Models of the Same Amp.

It would be nice if there was only one Amp like you should have it within a real rig. So when you add an Amp you add it and then can change the channel like you should on a real one.

That way would make the list a bit smaller and you will find your amp faster within a growing list.

The same thing should be nice for Captures, too. If you Capture an Marshall on Channel 1 and on Channel 2 . It would be great to get the possibility to make a „Combined Capture“ so you take both captures and got a two channel Capture for example.

Maybe you capture the same settings with the Deep switch on at the Marshall. Then you add that capture to the combined capture,too. You add a Button to the Combined Capture an then you could declare it as a deep switch like on the real amp. Behind that button you now activate the Capture with deep switch on.

A possibility to make your own „Combined Captures“ gives the possibility to get even closer to the real amp usability and feel. You won’t get overwhelmed when you capture your amp for example 10 times. You won’t have to scroll through all your 10 Captures searching for the one you’re thinking about.
You could make the „Combined Capture“ of your amp and directly are into all your captures of your favorite amp. No need to work with a bunch of captures for only one amp.

As im not a native speaker, sorry for my bad English. I hope the way I’m thinking about that combined stuff is understandable.

So very much simplified, you suggest to introduce another folder level. You would have a folder “Marshall xyz” which contains all captures of that amp in different channels, with different settings etc.

I like the idea but am not sure how it would be best implemented for ease of use (literally just a new folder level or building it into the amp/capture detail view)

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A “modeled on” Tag system would be useful. then filter by Tag - every complex system has moved to this model. Native Instruments is a good example

That kind of Tag system is a nice thing. Im a NI Konplete Ultimate Collectors Edition User so really like it.

But that’s another thing then the one mean.

The way I’m thinking is to make it easier to „bundle“ the Captures you need to. And to get closer to the usability of a real amp by combining them like I said.

I think the way to „filter“ things like you said would be amazing, especially while searching through your whole library. Works so great on Ni stuff, but I think that both ways we are thinking about are compatible to each other. When searching between NI VSTs you could directly go into the specific VST ( comparable to an amp or „Combined Capture“ as I’m thinking of) or you search your whole library like you said.

Ive been a Kemper user for so many years and the searching through 20 profiles of the same amp was so messy and overwhelming. Combining stuff to the whole „amp“ like you love it would make it so much easier.