Block Channels

On the Fractal Audio FM3, you can have four channels per block. You can have different Virtual Devices per channel allowing you to switch between different amps, cabs, drive pedals etc., per Scene.

This is super helpful as you do not have to add multiple amp, cab or any other Virtual Device blocks if you are only using one at a time.

Definitely missing this feature on the QC vs my AxeFx… Have two of them, gotten really used to having channels on a modeling device… setting up multichannel presets on the Quad is a bit challenging at times.


on the Axe Fx III is this the A, B, C, D variations?

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Yes, those are the channel selectors.

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For this you have eight scenes in the QC, which can have completely different settings of the block parameters. The AX-FX cannot do that, that’s why the channels exist. The only disadvantage is that, for example, in contrast to the Channels, you cannot change the amp per scene in an amp block, but you can insert several amp blocks or captures into the grid.

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Agreed, but I am not referring to just amp or cab blocks. On the Fractal, I can have four channels for every block. Do I really want to add 2-3 amp blocks, cab blocks, drive blocks, or anything else where a particular Virtual Device type is not a good fit for every scene? Not really.

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Scenes do not fully compensate for the lack of channels the Axe has both Scenes and channels for example. The two features compliment one another…

The lack of channels on the QC makes it really difficult to switch amps within a preset without duplicating effects or settings, for example. Especially when its omission is combined with how the QC partitions the DSP on a ‘per row’ basis which requires you to rearranges blocks in the layout based on their DSP cost.

Really missing the channels on the Quad.


Yes, this is the feature I miss the most. Channels is my best solution creating live preset. With only one amp block you can have 4 different amps.


Coming from Helix this is a highly requested feature there as well. I have never seen it work but would be cool.

This would be a really nice feature. Didn’t get if with current firmware 2.0 it’s possible to have different amps on different scenes using one single amp block.

there’s been no indication that NDSP is considering doing that.
Best bet is to keep publicizing this feature request to try to catch their attention- this one is pretty low re: popularity

Other requests exist. I realize this one is originally from March 2021 and has the most votes; I’m only posting this to demonstrate that a lot of people have the same idea. I would use this feature.

Here’s one specifically for captures: