Capture packages

Not sure if this is possible but it would be awesome if you could combine multiple captures of the same amp or pedal into one capture package to be able emulate the real thing more accurately. So the gain, treble, mid, bass controls provided for captures would be more like turning the real knobs on that specific amp. Sort of how the factory cab IR’s are actually dozens of static IR’s that get blended in different ways when adjusting mic positions etc

I think this would be awesome - let’s make a distinction that this isn’t the same thing as a freely adjustable knob that blends captures, but a simple collection with some sort of mapped UI that can be auto generated via tags or something to allow easy switching between captures based on the real life knobs. This wouldn’t require any additional processing or rewrite for capture code - purely organizational.

Some issues with respect to picking combinations of things that aren’t represented, but I don’t think there’s anything that could be worked out. Could be as simple as just displaying complex meta information about the capture on the screen so it’s evident what’s changing.

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