Capture into "amp model "

Hi guys, I was thinking about the captures and the ways we can alter them on the capture page while building a preset.
When we are at it, the ways the treble/bass/gain work would be similar between all the different captures.

This would be a long term idea, and i dont know if its even feasible, but i was thinking that it would be cool to pick up one capture and chose a Amp Style circuit and it would be an capture that we could change the settings like gain etc based on that circuit style, rather than the 4 choises that we have now.

For example we have a bassman amp/circuit, and while choosing a dumble capture we could choose the bassman circuit to probably change the settings on the capture in a closer way and with more possible settings than the ones we have now. And i would imagine that the settings when being changed, those changes would behave probably closest to an actual amp model than now.

Again, i dont know if it is feasible, or if it has already been asked :).

the generic EQ is just a preset parametric post power amp - a specific amp “circuit” doesn’t really make any sense here, unless you’re referring to the average EQ effect of that circuit. In that case, it’s still in the wrong place (after post rather than preamp). You can already do this just by using a parametric EQ after the capture and placing the bands where you want

Sorry not sure if i explained myself correctly so i ll specify just to be sure. Im talking about capture and the knobs (gain treble bass etc that they give us in the capture page) to shape the sound of a capture.
The qc amp models are not component based, but they are capture based. So even if they are not circuit based they do represent the way a circuit effects the sound.

So it would be cool to change use a “circuit” algorithm and atach it to a capture of your choice so the knobs on the capture page reflects more a circuit and the way it would be effected. Rather than the way the knob work now, which is not really so amp like (even if it works quite well though.

I get what you’re saying - but I think it won’t sound how you expect anyway. All you would be doing is adding a parametric EQ at the same bands and widths as the original preamp EQ. But I like the idea anyway as it would add some more depth to captures even if it is in a way superficial

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Yes that, based on the new “soubd photo” and the new eq from that photo ot could maybe infer what it would be like on other parts of the knobs placements :).
It would never be as the a real dumble as in the example but a cool idea and not yet done by kemper. This and having sag and all that would yet make the QC capture capability more diferent and capable when comparing with others :).

you can’t have sag, etc. kemper is fundamentally different - they have the extra parameters because there is a model underlying the profile that you adjust. The profile is essentially like adjusting the constants in a big equation to match the sound. That’s how it is able to work with very little CPU power.

In the QC, there is no underlying model to change. This makes it more accurate, but also less customizable in the way you describe. You get what you get, but it’s a black box and all you can do is adjust the input and the results - nothing in between.