Capture process improvements

Here’s some ideas on how to improve the capture process:

  • Make the connection tutorial possible to toggle on/off. This way when you know the process you can start captures faster and go between grid and capture easier. The toggle button should be visible even in the capture window so you can refer to it if needed.
  • Make it possible to use a cab sim in the capture view. Using a loadbox sounds awful otherwise.
  • Add the ability to fine tune capture block behavior. For example my captures seem to end up having 10 dB more gain than the real amp so if I could set baseline gain to -10 dB then I could correct this and the capture would behave accurately for everyone.
  • Likewise if you let us set the frequency, min/max gain and Q for the 3 band EQ then the person capturing the amp could make those behave closer to the amp controls.
  • When saving the capture, don’t discard typed in info if you press “Start from scratch”. Most of the time you want to make more captures of the same amp so having the previous text filled in would help save time.
  • When changing slot to save the capture to, don’t discard the text typed in name/tag.
  • When overwriting a slot, show the name of the capture currently in that slot as well as the slot bank/setlist.
  • Allow having the same name for multiple captures. Otherwise this will cause issues with downloaded captures if people use the same naming schemes and you capture the same amp. Just append a number at the end of the name when using them.
  • “Start from scratch” should not show the connection diagram. Maybe rename this to “Make new capture”

I agree with all of this.

I’ll also propose an additional option, if it is technically possible, to do the I/O routing in the Capture process differently.

Instrument = Input 1
Capture out = Capture out (of course)
Capture In = Return 1 (or an option to use Input 2 instead for those who need the mic preamp)

This would result in only having to swap 1 cable from Send 1 to Capture Out for the capture process. My signal chain for when I am dialing in a tone on my amp is.

Guitar > QC Input 1
QC Send 1 > Amp Input
Amp speaker out > loadbox
Loadbox > QC Return 1

The current Capture process requires rerouting all 3 cable connections on the QC, seemingly for the sake of being able to use the mic preamps that are available for Inputs 1 & 2. But I think we should really only need to swap just 1 cable around. Don’t know if there is a technical limitation that would prevent this from being possible though.

You can skip the tutorial completely by selecting [ ->Skip diagram ] on the very first screen. This will take you directly to the [START CAPTURE]

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Yes you can skip the diagram but it pops up every time you do “start from scratch”. When you want to make more captures in a row it’s a small annoyance.

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I like the idea of different inputs and outputs. But I would recommend using Input 2 as Capture In because that works with a mic or instrument.

Most people would probably like to keep their guitar hooked to Input 1.


…This. Keeping the guitar hooked up to input 1 would be great. Even better would be to be able to listen to the capture/real amp within a patch with effects.

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How about the ability to preview the capture with using a selected IR. This way monitoring a preamp capture through headphones sounds like the full rig instead of a fuzzy preamp.

Then the ability to tweak the EQ, Gain, and Level settings before saving the capture. Yes I captured my amp but it needs more bass or gain etc. Then I wouldn’t need to try the entire process again…

Also add a presence control when making your own captures. If Kemper had it for 10 years why not QC?

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All my profiles seem to have about 5db less gain. So you getting 10db extra is wild. I’ve adjusted input levels a million times. Just has varying volumes but all chop off gain from a torpedo captor when captured but when I’m dialing in tones using the two notes through a IRs it’s great sounding.