Fractal user - amp controls questions

Hey folks, current Axe-FX user considering the move especially if it fixes some of my biggest frustrations. Help a guy out?

Two big questions:

  1. When I change amp models on the Axe-FX I hate having to go back to the speaker resonance settings and set them back to correct values for the cab IR I’m using. How does this work on QC?
  2. On Axe-FX II I always need to keep a PDF of the amp models guide up while I’m editing to reference what the original real amp controls are and how they map to the controls on the Axe-FX screen. I’m hoping QC just shows the original amp’s controls… does it?

Buy a Axe 3 and be happy.
I got my Axe 3 after the 2. And last year i bought QC only why i want to know how the QC sounds.
I have tryed many many things and dont like the sound of the QC. After half year i sold the QC and now im hapyer than before because i don`t need to deal with the QC to sound good.
Just my 2 cents…

Thanks, in that case I’ll probably stick with my Axe 2. I’m not unhappy with the sound (although I wouldn’t want to take a step back), but I was hoping to spend less time in menus and editing. I was also eyeing something smaller (I know the FM3 is smaller, but the QC is much smaller than the FM3).