Channel Switching Amp Block (Axe-FX similar)

Hello everybody! I was just messing around with QC and thought about if in the future would be possible to make some kind of block where you could concetrate different amp models, like a 3 channel switching amp. Mostly like what Fractal does on their amp block where you can load different amp models on a single amp block and switch them by scenes.

I think this could be a good feature and you can save up block space on each line.

What do you think?

You can do something very similar. Create a preset across all 4 rows. You can move from row 1 to row 2 by using the splitter and setting the whole signal to B, leaving a blank block one row 1. Same for row 3 to 4.
Then, for example, 4 amps, say Vox, Lead 50, Plexi and JCM800. Use hybrid (Stomp and Scene mode). Assign one amp and cab per scene. Then use stomps to activate reverb, delay, comp, and gain utility for solo.
I have one I made but haven’t worked out how to upload onto cloud. When I do I will post. By the way, it runs at 57% CPU, so plenty of juice left.
Hope this helps.

I guess (extending the idea a bit) it could be some sort of ‘toggle block’: drop any two normal blocks into it, and it will only allow one or the other to be active at any time.

Could be a good way to be more efficient with CPU usage maybe?

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When I first got the QC I wondered whether it made sense to combine amp ‘families’ too; ie Plexi has a switch that allows you to select norm, bright or jumpered, etc. However, if you think about it the unit becomes less flexible. I also reckon to create the model it would be super CPU hungry. Look at the power needed for the Boogie JPC amp, with the eq.
To be honest, I’m just blown away at being able to create ONE preset that gives me a beautiful clean, ac/dc, brown and 80s rhythm all at the same otput volume, set a pre comp, then a post bounce delay/reverb, and finally allow me to boost for solo using either stomp, or expression pedal. And , it is easy!!!

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