Anyone using v2.1.1?

Other than andamado997’s post, I’m not seeing anything about v2.1.1. Has anyone else updated? If so, are you finding the fixes actually fixed the listed issues on your QC? Has anyone else discovered any new bugs? I’m debating on whether to wait until our band is through this batch of gigs or whether 2.1.1 is stable enough to update now. Any thoughts? Sorry to use you as guinea pigs.

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2.1.1 no problems for me

I did experience some bugs on CorOS 2.1.0 but none since updating to 2.1.1

Good to hear that it’s been stable for you guys. Anyone else?

If you were in the middle of doing gigs/tour, I would hold off until you are through so that way nothing gets affected if there does happen to be issues with the newest update. As you saw from my earlier post I’m waiting to see if anyone else is having the same issues I am in regards to some of the delays getting off sync to the BPM between seeing changes. Other than that, I haven’t experienced anything else out of the ordinary.


Ok for me
Updated the first day

Stable for me. But I do not use any BPM related effects… so I can not say anything about the bug others posted about earlier.

only problem i’ve come across is the brit UBL factory preset loading but completely muted (not set to be muted) could be an effect it loads I dunno but switching to another preset then back can fix it.

That’s an oddly specific bug.

I do use tap tempo for delays so I’d like to make sure that function is right before updating.

Guess I’ll wait a bit longer before updating. Thanks for sharing your experiences, ya’ll.

same delay sync issue as @andamado997

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SSL compressor gain reduction meter is going wacky. Other than that I’ve found no other bugs so far. They did fix a prior bug I discovered with exp pedal problems relating to reverse delay feedback setting right away, so that was cool! Go NDSP customer service and developers! Yay!

What’s the comp meter doing that’s so wacky? Yes, glad to see that they’re cleaning up some bugs. I’m sure it’s like playing Whack-A-Mole. Fix five bugs and another two pop up. Fortunately, my QC has been quite solid, no serious bugs.

If you are using the Victory Kraken… Squid amps in your presets, the focus switch has been reversed. I have a preset that is using both focused and not focused, so i made a note about where it was used in which position before upgrading (and I of course made backup). I then just switched it back to focus/not per how I had originally planned.
Otherwise the upgrade was smooth.

I would not upgrade in the middle of a gig/tour.

Thanks for the heads-up.

No new problems, seem to fix some of the varying volume issues I had in 2.1.0. So I would definitely load 2.1.1.

We have another show on Saturday, then a few weeks off. I think that will be a good time to try v2.1.1. Thanks, everyone, for your input.


All good here, no issues at all.

A friend of mine have issue with the output 2 being louder than output 1. But my balance is fine,