Any word on CorOS 2.0?

Seems like there must have been some major bugs found in the beta. Or its coming out in the next few days.


Inquiring minds want to know! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m taking a guest, it will be release …soon


Stop asking.

I saw that the other day. Lol. I’m very happy with my purchase and I’ve figured out how to make it work live, but I am also really looking forward to the update since hopefully it will make it so we can organize presets and captures better.

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They didn’t promise any date. Cool them jets.

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Not sure if you read my original post but I never stated that they promised anything. They said they were confident that it would be out by the end of the month unless major issues were present. I’m just wondering if it’s still on track for this month or if there was such an issue.

Also that lawsuit guy is nuts but it is frustrating to not have features advertised 2 years ago that are still not delivered or probably even close to being delivered. This doesn’t mean I hate my QC or want to sell it or want any devs to crunch over the holidays. It simply is what it is, and I don’t see anything wrong with sharing this type of frustration if I’m not being a jerk about it (which I don’t think I am). I’ve seen many posts and comments on various other forums, this forum, YouTube, Reddit etc. over the past 6 months that were considerably less polite in their criticism. If anything I just wish they’d been more realistic about the features and timeline of additional features from the get go as it seems quite optimistic in retrospect. I don’t regret my purchase, I fully intend to keep using my QC but I would have probably waited to jump into this ecosystem if I could go back. I understand that software development is difficult and unpredictable. I’m not a dev myself (I’m a teacher and musician) but my best friend is and when I’ve talked about this with him he said that in his opinion from the outside looking in, dev time/resources seemed mismanaged and/or the product over promised on features from the start (I don’t remember his exact wording because I am too dumb to fully understand what he said lol). But I’m excited for 2.0 regardless and despite my (imo warranted) frustrations I remain optimistic about this platform in the long term.


Everyone’s waiting with bated breath for the next update. That’s fine. And I think that people should be able to voice their opinion, too. Totally fine.

But I have a problem when I see comments which smack of I am entitled to know exactly what the devs are doing right this second gimme gimme gimme. I swear there was a comment in this thread in the past 2 hours that started with something like “I spent nearly $2000 therefore…” but it looks like it got deleted. That is not helpful to the devs themselves, nor the community of users who are bearing with the dev team in case things come later than expected.

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It was this: “I spent $2000 on a product, I think I’m allowed to ask what’s going on when an update falls behind schedule (it’s not the first delay either).”

(which was posted by the OP of this thread)


You’re totally allowed to ask. But you are not owed an answer.


I’m sure we’ll get an update on the update’s update. That suffices as a legit progress report, right? …Right?


Nah, at this point, we’re allowed some transparency, especially when it’s been almost 2 years and they still haven’t delivered on features that were promised. When modelers for a fraction of the price are more flexible and have more features than “the most powerful floor modeler in the world”, that’s a problem. Even the effects pale in comparison to NDSPs software modelers. Integration of their software modelers should have been a day 1 thing, but we’re 2 years out now.

As consumers, we do have a right to know if there has been any major snags, just as a courtesy. It’s more upfront and acceptable than having an update about a previous update saying that there will be another update. We don’t need a minute to minute update, but transparency would be nice.


I think the next update will be massive with a lot of more than we were told on updates (I bet also more amps, drives, effects and maybe synth engine)

I’m an early Kemper user and i already bought an engine “not finished” but i remember that every 2.0,3.0 etc updates brought a huge step forward. The delay, reverbs were not so great at the begining and actually it’s way better than the QC’s (imho).

Yes “the most powerful floor modeler in the world” needs to improve a lot (again imho) or it could finish like the Sega Dreamcast (to make a video game analogy)

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If you are an artist with an international reputation and you read bad reviews, are you going to quit your job? you have to deal with the situation in a professional way, live with the pressure, Neural is in the major leagues now, don’t forget that it was the developers and managers of Neural who asked us to buy their product…by the way, I don’t think I was disrespectful in my comment, I hope you won’t delete it for the sake of democracy.


The product is pretty cool, but like the Kemper back in the days I only spent a few days to find all the short comings. Right now the thing that irritates me the most is how bad the levels are set for captures. To make the gain be the same I find I have to lower the output of the send 1 with -9db and add 3db on the return level to match gain between the amp and the capture in the A/B preset. Captures have less gain than the amp and the only way to really fix this is to make the level out hotter, and you can’t. So I hope that’s addressed in the next OS. From what I understand adjusting the instrument level in the setup does not change anything. And adjusting the input 1 level just makes the capture louder. I can work around this but really I should not have too.

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The instrument input level is not used in the capture, but it could impact how you set your amp. You typically monitor your guitar through the capture output into your amp to establish the amp settings you want including gain, EQ, etc. If you change the capture instrument input, you’ll be changing how hard your guitar hits the front of your amp which will in turn change the volume or saturation levels. But the resulting capture might not have a similar boost depending on your patch signal chain so the gain/saturation will be off on the capture block.

I think its best to leave the instrument input at 0dB, then adjust the capture in to have about -12dB for clean amps (to have headroom) and about -6dB for distorted amp captures. This will give consistent results across your captures and has levels similar to QC amp models.

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Well the thing is if go direct to the amp with my guitar I get more gain than I get from capture. And the capture has to be adjusted after to get the same amount of gain. About 3db. When I use the A/B preset the send1 is about 6db to loud compared to going direct into amp. So levels in this thing is all over the place. The Kemper was not like this. It had the correct levels so you got correct amounts of gain. Problem is that you can’t make the signal going out to amp when capturing hotter.
When an amp is maxed out it’s maxed out. If a capture then gives you less gain that the amp the levels is off. In amps not maxed out altering the gain to get correct gain after does not work since most amps has bright caps on the gain pot that will alter the tone.

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I agree that the capture level is off. While annoying, it’s not a show-stopper. I just goose the gain a bit on the amp before I make the capture, or add a bit to the capture after the fact. I have also put an EQ pedal before the amp and bumped the gain there before capturing. It’s not super-precise, but hey, it’s rock n roll.

I agree it’s not a show stopper, but should be easy to fix in the next update if they care. I figured ways to get around it.

I just got the unit about a week ago, so haven’t follow the release of OS Updates.

I totally agree with you! I got my QC based on promisses and its siting on my desk since June. I took It to a rehesrsal and It sounded terrible, very mid scoop and dark,. I fix It with some eq and now sounds decent. I gig about 3 or 4 times a week but im still using my Helix. I think Helix has better effects overall except for the drives .
The lack of hibrid mode makes It unsusable to me. Helix Is just perefect for live use,I can do whatever i want on the fly.
As you say, to much wasted power and very few good options.
Im going yo keep It just for fly gigs because of its size, I actually ended Up capturing my Helix amp sounds for that porpouse.

Yeah I really hope the update is coming soon. Just feels like there have been sooo many delays at every turn. Hopefully the dev update isn’t delayed again at least.