Anyone using v2.1.1?

I’m also in the middle of some shows right now, so I’ll update after the last one in about two weeks

I havent updated, since that patch was released. But then again, I haven’t had any trouble at all with the previous update (v2.1). So I’m not really motivated to update with this patch. I’m sure it’s stable. Otherwise, you’d be hearing a lot shit about it both on the forums and in the QC facebook group. That’s one thing about Neural users. If they do have a problem, they are VERY vocal about it. So I’d go ahead. Once I get to a good stopping point in my um…“workflow,” I’ll be doing the same. Good hunting.

Thanks for your input. Glad to hear that bugs are few and minor. I’m using v2.0 currently but plan to update after tomorrow night’s show.

I didn’t encounter any issues with the initial upgrade, so I waited a while to take the 2.1.1.
That one didn’t cause any issues either. All good here

I have had the qc since version 1.4 and have never had any blocking problems after updates, only 3 minor bugs. Unfortunately, the bad news makes more noise than the good ones and thinking that the QC could leave us during a gig is a nightmare… it would be useful to know how many units have been sold to have a real idea of the percentage of buggy units that I’m sure is very low

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as a bassist I always carry a Darkglass B7K Ultra V2 with me to cover the bare minimum of tones I need to get through a show (Clean & Distortet channels, Cab sim, DI Out) in a pretty small package. It will not be the same with just two tones and without FX stuff, but it’s better than not being able to play. I hope I won’t need it but better be safe then sorry. :grin:

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I bought a Headrush Gigboard a few years ago, partially as a gig back-up. I never got around to setting it up for that purpose. I may regret it some day. Of course, any device can fail. Our bass player bought a little Ampeg pedal after his Mesa head smoked for the second time. It hasn’t failed since. Damn that Murphy!


Yes…it’s all Murphy’s fault :joy:

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LOL, I know exactly what you mean. I always carry a backup, right now mine is a used GT-1000 I picked up cheap. Nice backup, but it really took some discipline to set it up and get it ready to go. I always only want to spend the time tweaking my primary gigging modeler. Honestly, I still need to spend some more time with it. It would do in a pinch but still needs dialing in.

I guess you can never be completely safe from digital meltdown. Our band uses a digital mixer and our mains, subs and monitors are all active (with built in DSP) plus digital keyboard and active amp. The funny thing is, the only complete failures we’ve had are the tube amps our bass player and other guitar player are using. Having a backup guitar processor is still a good idea but Murphy will do what Murphy does. Sorry, got a little off-topic here.

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Our band finally has a few weeks off so I performed the update to v2.1.1 (from v2.0). So far so good, with one exception. I really like the updated and added features, especially the changes to the EQ and speaker blocks. Unfortunately, the QC nolonger automatically logs in to NDSPs site. It’s not a big deal as I generally only use it when I back up. I’ve noticed others having this issue so I assume it will be addressed in v2.1.2.