CorOS 2.1.1 is available for download

CorOS 2.1.1 is now available. You have to click on Announcements to see @Dan 's post, so I posted it here under ‘Categories’ as well. They really got this bugfix update out quickly.

An issue where the Tape Delay (ST) Sync Note parameter would not work after loading certain Presets and then adding a Tape Delay (ST) block to an empty Preset.

An issue where the Focus parameter on the Victor Squid devices was inverted.

An issue where the footswitches would be non-functional after opening the Tuner and then loading a Preset via MIDI.

An issue where loading Gig View, the Tuner, and Gig View again in sequence via MIDI would result in a black screen.

An issue where the output signal would be muted after moving a Dual Reverse Delay block between Splitter and Mixer paths on Row 3.

A crash that would occur when downloading a Neural Capture if a Capture with the same name already exists on the Quad Cortex.

A crash that would occur when editing the Min/Max Range parameters in the Assign Expression Pedal menu for certain Delay devices.