Cortex control beta october 9th god bless


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From NDSP:

“ We are aiming to open the public beta of Cortex Control (the Quad Cortex desktop controller) on Monday October 9th, and are doing our very best to release it before then. We will share all the details about how you participate in the open beta closer to the launch, but there will not be any restrictions.”

You might want to update your title to reflect the correct date :grinning:


yeeeee lol was reading it as i was typing it lol im excited.
also more plugin compatibility stuff in september, things are finally looking close to completion!!

cant wait for them to announce a metronome now and ill probably wont be able to complain again thank god


Having an editor will be cool, but, I’m mostly looking forward to not seeing anymore rants about the QC not having one! :rofl:


I’m mostly looking forward to having one! :wink:

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Great news but I will be waiting for the full release. I imagine it’ll be a bit buggy considering how long it took them to produce :grimacing:

Did you put any thought into this statement, or were you just desperate to spew some negativity?

That makes no sense whatsoever.

It makes plenty of sense given Neural DSP’s track record. I’m enjoying my QC but I only bought it 3 months ago. The real people that are feeling negative are the ones who bought it at launch. I should’ve known better than to share an opinion in a forum. I’m sure you’re on TGP with all the other babies who get triggered by an opinion outside your own. :man_facepalming:

What part of ‘spending lots of time developing’ says to you ‘it will be full of bugs’? And what track record? Is your QC unstable? Are their plugins?


Development time has absolutely nothing to do with the state a software is in when it’s released. If any correlation exists than maybe a short development time could mean that a software wasn’t thoroughly tested before release.

The whole point of there being an open beta is we expect there to be some bugs, and having a lot of users testing it will be the quickest way for us to find and fix them all, while still delivering an experience that is very usable & enjoyable for most people.


Ok fair enough. Personally I don’t attempt using Beta version of anything. Even when I owned an AxeFx I’d wait for the full release. All in all I’m excited for the editor as it is my preferred way of building presets.

Why are you quoting things I didn’t say? I said a bit buggy.

“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.”

Sure, OK, that’s the important thing to latch onto.

You’re welcome to share opinions here. When you’re ready, please feel free to. Spout off dumb misunderstandings, however, and you’re probably going to see some pushback. Interesting that it’s happened to you elsewhere too…

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I did share my opinion and you’re telling me my opinion was “dumb misunderstandings.” Which btw makes no sense. What was misunderstood? You’re also assuming this has happened “elsewhere.” If you’re referring to TGP then I never post there but I do skim through to find information I need. I’ll find my QC info somewhere else from now on. I’ll see myself out.

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Although QC updates (and this programming app) have been slow to arrive, I appreciate that they have been relatively bug-free when they do. I assume that is, at least partially, due to NDSP spending the time to fully test the software before release. I’ll take that over something with pile of issues. I believe the old “gift horse” adage applies here.

I’m not a “power user” of the QC–I don’t use MIDI or expression pedals with it, I rely on external pedals and IRs, and I run everything in mono rather than stereo.

That said, I think Cortex Control will still prove useful to me, and I’m looking forward to trying the beta. I don’t expect to run into bugs, but who knows.

That’s not an opinion, that’s a guess. And it’s a dumb misunderstanding of what a longer development cycle might result in.

NDSP doesn’t have a track record of buggy software.

You don’t have to see yourself out, but you can’t just come in here and make shit up. All of us are closely following what NDSP are doing, and regularly use their products…


I find the QC itself to be unreliable. I had a unit that died within a month or so. Then toured with a band that had a QC of their own and it refused to boot up one day. Just had the flashing blue lights.

For touring I trust this less than Helix or my own tube heads. I do think QC is easier to use/gets better sounds quickly than other modelers (I came from Helix). But didn’t ever have an issue with Helix with pretty heavy touring use. Just didn’t like the sounds or available DSP as much