Quad Cortex Development Update - February 2023


Ohh, sneaky EQ tab on the cab block?

Terrific iterative development from the Dev team! These are nice improvements in the UI and workflow. Appreciate the nod to possibly showing a beta of the desktop editor at NAMM too. These are exciting times!

Now queue all the complaining about the update not being good enough in 3… 2…



Any news on the hotfix for 2.0.0 ?

Per the development update (linked above) lol:
CorOS 2.0.1 was recently released to beta testers and is looking very promising. Testing will continue, but we hope to wrap it up and launch soon.


Is there anything in that update having to do with a PC editor or being able to use Neural Dsp Plugins?

Yes, both are mentioned in the development update.

Good deal! That would be a game changer.

regarding the plugins available to use with QC - would they include the amp only? or also the effects that come with the plugin?

Before any beautiful rumors get started about the desktop editor and plugin capability, the update states "CorOS 2.1.0 focuses on new device models and several quality of life improvements that can be added while our team focuses on the much greater task of completing the desktop controller and plugin compatibility, which will be made available in future releases. We hope to be able to show a beta of the desktop controller at the NAMM show in April this year." so it looks like they won’t be part of v2.1.0

i get that but the question is it even possible to include the entire plugin including the effects inside of the QC. or is a limitation that amp only is possible. There’s effects in the plugins that are not available in the QC today.

The short answer is yes, it’s possible if it’s being worked on. How could/would it be implemented? Only NDSP developers know, and they’re not talking. For now.

The addition of CabSim/IRs when capturing is such a great feature! It will help streamline the capturing process of amps, so much!

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