Any update on Updates to the QC?

It’s been a while. Has anyone heard anything new on a specific tentative date for the release of the next firmware?

Nope but agree that it should be soon really. They’ve still got a truck load of improvements needed.
I actually love my QC so far but there are a number of issues. I can’t believe it still doesn’t have a looper for eg.

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I believe it was targeted for end of Aug pending how well beta testing goes.

Last development update on the site is June 25th. C’mon man. Every update doesn’t need to be earth-shattering, but it sure would be nice to have better communication on your own site…

What’s going on in Neural land?

In the NDSP Discord QC channel this weekend Doug stated one update coming within a fortnight or so an another major update in October - no specifics though. Regarding the looper they’re working on including both a simple Ditto-style one and quite more advanced one.


Doug stated yesterday on Discord that the next update is in beta testing. I believe this is the update with the new file management system.

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It’s a good Friday to have a firmware update.

Not this weekend. Rumor has it we’ll be getting a small (but good) one this month and another larger one next month.

I know. I’m just being a little antagonistic. Seems like too long between updates for a new product catching up with what was promised. Sounds awesome but would like to not need supplemental equipment to make it reach its current potential.

Doug indicated on Discord to expect the next update early next week. It is looking like a fairly large update with others to follow in October.

Next week would be highly appreciated.

it’s about time. it would be welcome to post information here as well.

I don’t follow Discord because it’s too time consuming. I’m missing the official monthly QC development updates on their website.


I start to bee bored about this long wait to have a minimum of what they promised, i just want some other effect and control, because it’s ridicolous that we have one of the most powerfull routing,to use with what? I waited 7 mounth to have it, now how many time we will have to wait?

NDSP excluded some amps and effects at launch, what routing issues are you experiencing? Have you opened a ticket with NDSP yet.

Yes i allready opend some tiket of what we could have to maximaze what we have without create any new modules. I bought the Quad because i expected an effects sector better than a kemper, looking the great routing i thought that could be the right compromise with a fractal, but the effect are the usual and without a more complex control ,like LFO,ADSR,ENVELOPE on the effect parameters, with this simple things i can transform a simple effect in somethings more elaborate… But my disappointment is with the update times, 2 months (if they realy releas the next week) to have the looper and something else… in the last update we had a flanger and shimmer… if this is the step, I should pass to fractal and i’ll come beck to neural in a few years. I’m not a user that leave to listen some new capture, i want to create and experiment with the routing ed the effect,and i don’t want that they will keep the promice … i still remember a promis like the Neural Captur on reverb or delay… but for now it’s still a dream

if I were to bet on a horse, my horse would be this week

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I hope mthat you’ll be right!

Relayed from Discord today

From Doug, Monday 13 September 18:32

We found a couple of bugs during the weekend which were fixed today. As I type we are preparing a release candidate for a quick beta test. S O O N

I can’t understand why he didn’t post this here on his forum. Not userfriedly

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