Any official informationes about delay in delivery?

Hello, I would be interested to know if there is any official information on the subject of deliverability. The queues at Sweewater are, as far as I’ve read, about to break the thousand mark and my order at Thomann has now been delayed for the second time. It must be really frustrating for a company when they see how many people want to buy the product, but they can’t get it produced fast enough.


The chip shortage is real… particularly for the Analog Devices ADSP-SC589 chips the unit is based on.

Not for love or money:

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Sweetwater has been averaging around 4-4.5 months which has been pretty standard since this time last year for the most part.

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Can the people already having their QC share their delay time from Thomann they had?

I’m also in the situation for a 3rd delivery delay…

I work also in the music industry and I know that getting components is a nightmare.

But this time, it’s not about 4 weeks of delay… I just received another « 11 to 14 Weeks » delay (I should received it next week…but…)

So it’s really frustrating :pleading_face:

Yes, became also yesterday a delay-mail. New date is mid may. Well, maybe the delay has an advantage - I bet when we get our QC delivered in the end we can enjoy the whole range of great features of firmware 3.25 out of the box.

I wanted to do the same joke :smile:
Maybe we will have the MK2 model…

For me the estimated date is 22th June…

Just checked via my company, and the Analog Devices ADSP-SC589 got a 90 weeks lead time… so I think it’s hard for Neural DSP to build the Quad Cortex…

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Yes, all very annoying. But you have to remember that the people at Neural DSP are suffering from the situation just as much as we are. The turnover that is lost there should not be little.

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And still waiting for it. Next estimated delivering date: May 25. I still wonder why it is not possible for NP to predict the delivery date more accurately than to push it back by 2 weeks every 2 weeks… for now well almost 5 months.

No news for me on Thomann.
Estimated delivery in 5/6 Weeks => 22 June… (so 5months after I bought it).