Advantage of keeping pre-order through Nerual DSP directly?

Hey everyone, just saw the Facebook post about Neural DSP linking with Sweetwater (from the official group). I’m a US-based person and am in the Tier 2 preorder for the QC, just wondering why it would be worthwhile staying in this preorder instead of Sweetwater?

People on that forum said that Sweetwater has a 2-year warranty if you get it from them, and if I recall, the Tier 2 people don’t even get the little bonuses that the Tier 1 people get. Just thought I would post something here before making a decision.

If you’re tier 2 there’s probably no reason not to cancel and getting it directly from Sweetwater.

You won’t have to pay for shipping from abroad so it’ll be cheaper, and also, Sweetwater allows financing.

I’d still wait for an answer from the NDSP team since I might be wrong.

Tier 1 people got bonuses?

Not necessarily true, neural needs to clarify. Preorders are likely not subject to state tax, even if they ship from finland overseas shipping and duties to usa customers will be far less than paying tax. The big reason to switch to sweetwater is if you need the financing.

Numbered chassis and supposed to be a booklet detailing the design / build process. Nothing major

I’m wondering the same; I’m in the UK, and there are quite a few unanswered questions.

Andertons and GuitarGuitar will be getting the units in November; I’m also tier 2, so why would I stick with neural instead of ordering from the retailer?

The questions I’d like some answers to are:

  1. I paid the deposit in euros; the balance owed shows in Euros OR dollars. How do I know whcih I’ll be charged?

  2. What’s the retail price in the UK? Is it going to be cheaper than paying in Euros / Dollars with the exchange rate?

  3. Will I actually get the unit before the retailers?

Would be great if we can get clarification form Neural on this. There are quite a few unhappy and confused peeps in the Facebook groups as well.

Just had an email from Neural:

"Our store works in Euros. Anyway, you could see a different currency that’s depending on your geo-localization.

We will contact you a couple of weeks before your shipment.

Tier 1 and 2 feature exclusive perks by Neural DSP. Also, you will receive your Quad Cortex unit before than the other retailers.

[Regarding the retail price in GBP] The price should be the same always. So, if you want to check the price in different currencies, feel free to use an external converter."

Both tiers of pre-orders will start shipping before all the other retailers. We are also working on new perks for pre-order customers (both pre-orders). We’ll have an update about that very soon.


Thanks for chiming in, Gonzalo. Really curious what these “new perks” might be…

I just hope the perks at least cover the import fees and shipping cost because that’s a big disadvantage of being tier 1 & 2 pre order customer. If not that, would be a slap in the face to supporters who invested in the product early on.

Yeah I agree with a lot of these messages, which is why I was a bit concerned and decided to post.

@astromooses - yes, it says on the website “The second batch of pre-orders do not come with any additional perks, but still ensure you receive a Quad Cortex as soon as possible.” Referring to Tier 1 as the first batch

In addition, whenever I bough the VSTs, which I own quite a few, I had was charged a few because of the foreign transaction (from Euros). At this point, I’m more inclined to get it from a retailer because as Tier 1 people I think are expected November 15th, and Sweetwater is expected November 27th, I don’t think 2 weeks is worth a possible larger financial burden.

If an official Neural person (or anyone else with some insight) can say why it’s worth it for me to stay in Tier 2 rather than just going to Sweetwater, then I’d love to hear it.

Since you’re talking about Sweetwater, I’ll assume you’re in the US. Depending on your local sales tax, you’ll probably save 10-20 bucks in sales tax because you probably won’t be paying sales tax on the deposit amount. Sales tax in my neck of the woods is a bit over 8% so I figure I’ll be saving about $17 relative to what I’d get from Sweetwater, in addition to getting it a week or two earlier and getting the Tier 1 goodies.

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Shipping is free and, at least for US / EU buyers, there are no import fees.

Right. So now with free shipping and confirmed zero import fees - USA preorders are going to be cheaper than sweetwater even if neural collects sales tax on the balance because the first 200 was tax-free.

Absent a discount code / coupon with sweetwater or need the financing options, there’s no financial reason in the usa to cancel their direct preorder and buy there instead. Some seem to believe sweetwater will be the better bet with warranty issues, but if the darkglass track record is any indication to how issues will be handled, for me this is also a non-issue.

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Thanks for the update . Really excited for this unit! Tier 1 here!