Any official informationes about delay in delivery?

Late Feb for me.

Finally got it today.

I’m a « noob » guitarist (only 16 months of playing).
As a former sound engineer that likes technology, I only had so far NDSP Plugins in my guitar training routine. (And a valeton micro amp to play on the go with headphones).

I don’t need « real » amps as I play on very good monitors with a great soundcard.

This Quad Cortex is INSANE.

For me everything is so Intuitive.

The only default I have is : I don’t have the experience of all the names of the Amps, so it’s hard to « know » which sound I can get.

I think I play as a geek for days on this thing to master all the sounds it can do. (Especially the « synth » things…)

So guys: It worth the wait, really.

Yes, received mine, too. What an awesome devise :slight_smile:

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Hey guys, i am going to USA in 18Aug, so i will finnaly get a chance to get one quad cortex. Contacted Sweetwater’s rep and he told me to preorder the QC but not sure that i’ll get in time. Do you guys think it’s possible to arrive in time? Anyone had receive in less than 2 months? Thanks!!

I have waited a little longer, but it is said that the deliverability after the switch to alternative components should now slowly become much better again.

But quite apart from that. If you want one, order now. Because if you wait until it is displayed everywhere as immediately available, you will probably wait much longer than if you order right away and bring some patience :-).

Hi @Fred and welcome to the community! Sweetwater’s schedule has been averaging 4-4.5 months from time of order to receiving. Hope that helps!