Any news on Sweetwater batch?

Agreed. I know guitars made anywhere in Asia are having huge delays and even when shipped I have heard the port in Los Angeles has been a huge log jam for USA retailers. And then dealing with any restrictions on distancing and such could make manufacturing a challenge.

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I ordered mine on Jan 26, and I talked to my Rep Monday. He said he’s just not sure if they will receive enough of them in the first batch to cover me. He said there were a lot of orders placed last year. I don’t fault anyone because I can’t have what I want right now. I’m sure Neural would love to have every order complete. Considering everything that’s been going on the last year, and the fact that they sold thousands more than they expected in the first year, I think everyone has done a fairly good job. I will patiently wait until it’s available, and hopefully by then there will be software updates and many many amps on the cloud to try.

SW doesn’t know anything except your position. (ask your rep for your number in line) Mine was 1/29 number 1008. It’s not hard to figure out that with the first order sent to SW of 500, there is a long way to go. Some drops outs or cancellations might hep, but not that much.

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You seem to be the only person with facts around here. I’m buddying with this guy!!!

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That’s a very polite way of telling me I have no life! :rofl:


Well that makes two of us. I mess with guitar stuff and study law several hours a day. I’m not sure which part of “becoming an attorney” seemed like a good idea at this point. Guitars and likened equipment are the only things that make me happy these days.

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I ordered Jan 14 and was told I would be in the third batch around the last week of May possibly first week of June if all went well. They are nit getting enough in the first batch for all of last year

I should add I canceled and snagged one off Reverb. Tier two never opened and while I paid a bit more it was a very fair price. Most there are ripoffs. He listed decent, I made an offer and have had it two days.

Hopefully you don’t have any issues is warranty is ever needed!

I took all that into consideration. The two year warranty from Sweetwater is awesome. The guys at Neural are great though. They said they are setting up a contract with someone in the US for repairs. I am not sure if it will be Sweetwater or someone independent. They don’t even have a registration yet. Right now Doug said failure is less than one percent and they have taken care of everyone.

After getting the news that I might not get the QC until October, I also bought one off of Reverb. I paid a little bit more than I would like, but I’ve got gigs lined up in June and need to get my new rig up and running with my new Maton Mini EMD6 git, so it’s all good. It’s just money. :sweat_smile:
The outfit I bought it from said they’d be willing to send it back to Neural for me if there’s ever an issue. It sounds like Neural is being pretty cool about send replacements/fixes, thus far. :crossed_fingers: :slightly_smiling_face:
My QC arrives tomorrow…I…cannot…wait…

I’d be interested in how many of the first 500 SW orders went into cancellation or no payment available status.

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Well…as a follow up to my post over a month ago, I received my QC yesterday, 5/10. I placed my order with SW on 11/27. The next few weeks will decide whether I hang onto it or not. Overall, the whole experience has left a bitter taste in my mouth. Perhaps I’m getting too old to be one of the ones is wants to believe in flawless execution of a product launch or maybe I’m just being too naive about the whole issue. Nonetheless, it’s here and we will see if it will live up to the hype.

Pretty sure half of the sweetwater shipments are on Reverb for 2600-3000$

Looks like 35 units so far have been sold on Reverb. Avg price seems to be about $2250.
Several more available mostly priced higher.

Its a step up from the HX Stomp I’ve been using. Best unit I’ve owned. The effects are a joke.

Flawless execution? Nope.
Great foundation with room to grow, yes!

Let’s see how well the respond to the community of owners once they catch up with preorders.

I got mine from Sweetwater on Friday 14 May after waiting since the end of December the 26th. I had been told several times it would be one more month. They did make me call them back to confirm the shipping details since it had been so long. Given the long line of stalled production lines of cars and RV’s due to chips for the electronics, I pushed it all off onto the crazy times. I am sure everyone would have gladly done it faster.

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