Would like the ability to use output 3, 4, input 2 or capture out as a DI pass through

I’ve been using my QC for a while now and still miss some of the features of my Kemper. The Kemper has a dedicated DI passthrough. (I’d also love volume zero activate tuner).
My guitar goes into input 1.
I have a power amp running from output 4/R (with an Amp Sim but without a cabinet IR on it)
Then I have two separate Amp Sims and Cabs Sims running in parallel from Out 1/L and Out 2/R each of these uses a send / return loop for pedals.
It means I have stage 4x12, FOH stereo, but to do a DI with this setup i’d need a block to add at the start of the first lane to go straight to e.g. 3/L. Previously I used one of the fx sends but now they are both used I can’t do this. My Radial Di won’t squeeze onto my board.

I’m a little unsure on what you mean by DI in this case. Do you mean you want an output that has no processing, just the direct sound from you guitar?

Concerning your tuner, if you’re talking about the tuner muting your signal, you can just select “muted” in the lower right-hand box on the tuner page.

Can you post a pic of your preset? You’re only trying to use 4 outs, so with a bit of care you might be able to achieve what you’re after, provided your preset isn’t absolutely chock full of blocks…

ie. If you use a splitter at the end of row 1, you can use row 2 for amps/effects, and send the end of row 1 to your required DI out. This will sacrifice the first row, however (depending on how direct you want your DI - compressors etc could go there)

No room to sacrifice the first lane. I used to use one of the fx loop sends at the start of lane 1 to send a dry guitar di signal back out (before stomp blocks), but I now need both my fx loops. I’d rather use an external radial box than make any sacrifices there.

Essentially Lane 1 has fx then goes to lane 2 for an amp block and out to my power amp on out3.
Lane 1 at the end goes to lane 3 and lane 4 which each have an fx loop and their own blocks for amps and cabs and separate outputs on 1 and 2 at the back.

I’ve tried loads of different set ups, this is the best compromise I’ve found with the number of available blocks / routing and processing power. It’s a bit like Apollo 13 trying not to exceed the ampere. I just think it would be simple if capture out could be a global passthrough when not capturing.

PS The pedals and routing are a compromise, ideally I’d be using my tube screamer, Black Russian BM, vibe, wah and volume pedal etc, but I want this board to be super small and light. I wouldn’t normally put muffs after any modulation, but all other routing eats processing power and blocks, plus I don’t tend to use modulation much with fuzz (sounds cool tho).

Sorry I missed the other comment, regarding volume pedal and tuner, it was simply a nice feature on the Kemper that when you kick the volume pedal back (off) the tuner came on. Just a quality of life thing.

Ahh, I see now. Yeah no dice. What are you using the D.I. for? There’s always one on USB, if you can access that, as a work-around?

I like the sound of mapping it to the capture out when not capturing though. Got my vote.

I tend to record a DI signal as well just in case. For gigging I just want to use XLR to our rack for IEM mixing and playback / recording. I was considering using usb to control patch changes live, but would need an aggregate audio device on the Mac to use two converters, ideally I like it simple so have avoided this extra layer. In the studio I can just use the DI box. This will sound daft, but the rig is all about being minimalist and light and fitting into a silly small case. If the case was bigger i’d put the di box in there. haha

You are using a dry DI signal for in ear monitoring? That would probably annoy the hell out of me. You could just go from one (or both) of your FOH outputs to a splitter (in your rack) and from there to FOH and to your IEM so that you would hear what the audience hears. That’s the way most people (including me and the rest of my band) do it.

Or did I get your last comment wrong about DI and IEM?

Sorry, I wasn’t clear, I use Main L and R outs running two separate processed signals to FOH. Then I use another processed signal (but without cabsim) from output 3 to a power amp to 4x12 for stage volume and or practicing. I just got into the habit with a Kemper of always recording my DI signal as well as stereo processed signals in case I want to reamp later.
So while playing live (or just overdubbing in studio) I record the main outs and a DI. The IEMs use the processed stereo from the main outs.

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This thing’s pretty tiny…

Just get a DI box, that way you don’t have the slight latency of it passing through the QC.

Yeah I mentioned it right at the start, my radial DI is just slightly too big to fit on the board, I don’t mind carrying it tho. Its really just a wishlist item of either being able to use the capture connection or route output 3 or 4 via a block.