Dry signal to external tuner

Am I doing this right? It works, but I’m not confident enough with all the options to know if it’s OK.

I like my analog tuner and want it to receive the dry(?) signal that comes out of my guitar without it being affected by any processing. I do not want it plugged in between the guitar and QC.

It is plugged in to OUT3/4 (with 4 out level OFF and muted), and I have the 3rd row set as IN1, OUT3/4, with no blocks.

That will work fine. You could also run a splitter to another row and then out to 3/4 etc.


I already have a splitter on row #1 for the 3 amp captures. Can I add another split to that row (#1)? I’ve been trying but it doesn’t seem to work.

No, for your specific preset shown above, you are doing it correctly. My suggestion was really a general suggestion for anyone else that you can use out3/4 and or sends for connections to external tuners. Sorry, I should have clarified.


I just played the setup I have in the picture, and it sounds messed up through my headphones. Clipping and louder. When I turn #3 row OFF (selected Not in Use) it sounds normal. What is going on?

Maybe all outputs now go to your headphones? If you swipe down from the top and click the headphone, you get the mixer. In your use case, you probably want to only have out1/2 on your headphones.


There we go! Turning OFF Out 3/4 in Headphone I/O settings fixed it.


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Nice tuner, by the way. I did not know that Korg still has tuners with needles, nice!

Just out of curiosity: May I ask why you prefer to have the tuner parallel and not before the QC?

Why do you not want it between the guitar and QC?

My guitars (4) all use 5pin DIN connectors (MIDI style) with 5 conductor cable. This lets me have the normal leads for the guitar signal, and L/R leads for the headphones all in one cable. The headphone jack is on the back of the bodies, upper horn. I made a splitter to connect at the QC, but my old Scarlett solo, I integrated it. I don’t want to modify the QC…yet :grinning:.I play headphones 100% of the time and hate having 2 cables.

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Yeah, I’m really happy with the Korg. It is very accurate and I obsess over intonation and tuning.

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FYI you can also send it out the FX loop with a send block to save a row and prevent it from being affected by the master volume. That’s what I normally do when doing this


Wow, I’ve never seen a setup
Iike that.

Hey, that’s GREAT! I like it in the FX send a lot more; it’s nice and tidy.


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that’s a kick ass tuner!

I’ve never seen it anywhere else, either. I just wanted that functionality and made it happen.