Using QC in Stereo, using cab sim only on FOH feed, not the amp/cab feed

Thank you for reading. I am looking for either advice on how to accomplish this task, or confirmation that it is not possible given my current circumstances. Allow me to elaborate…

First, the setup.

Guitar goes into input of Quad Cortex.
I am using Sends 1 and 2, to feed the left and right inputs of an Eventide H9 Max. The outputs come back to return 1 and 2, so I have the Eventide in full stereo anywhere I want in my QC signal chain.

My “default” setup thus far for most of my patches, has the first “lane” using a noise gate, then typically a boost of some type, possibly a pitch block. Possibly a compressor. I just use one instance of these, keeping my signal mono at that juncture.

I then split off, where the first lane becomes my “left” channel, which continues on to my current amp model or capture, then on to either the FX Block to bring in the H9 in, or reverbs, or delays, etc. The second lane is carrying my “right” channel, which will be identical for any effects blocks used, but will use a different amp model or capture. I don’t actually run my outputs in full stereo, I pan the outputs 25 points to the left, and 25 points to the right. So they are actually more of a blended sound than a true, hard panned left-right setup, if that makes sense.

This has worked fine, until now. I have been running my XLR outs into a Matrix GT1000FX, then onto a Mesa 4x12. However, now I want to setup my patches for live use. Where I can have an identical signal path, but apply either a cab sim, or an EQ block, to be used only on the XLR outs to feed a front of house system. (I would switch to the Outs 3 and 4 to feed my Matrix and guitar cab.)

The problem is, there really is no easy way to do this, from what I can tell. Because I’m using the FX loop with the H9, I eliminate the ability to “send” from those outputs, which I believe Kiko from Megadeth is doing.

I thought I almost had it going, but then discovered that I can only apply the FX block for the H9 to one set of lanes. So if I take a branch down, apply a cab sim or EQ block, and then send that to the XLR outs, I cannot have the H9 inserted on both the XLR’s and the TRS Outs 3 and 4. Which completely defeats the purpose of the H9. It needs to be everywhere, not just me, or the audience.

I can come back with photos of my H9 screen if this doesn’t seem to make sense. But I have feeling a few of you will understand exactly what I’m getting at. I would love for them to implement a way to have just one block, again either a cab sim or an EQ, and just apply it one set of outputs. Have it be completely independent of the lanes and our overall signal structure.

Thank you for reading, and for any advice you can give me. I feel like ditching this whole quasi-stereo setup, but I love the sound of two different amps or captures slightly panned each way. If you can think of a better way to accomplish that, I am all ears. Also I’m thinking I may be doomed to forget the “direct to FOH” route, and just have them mic two speakers on my cab.