Splitting between guitar cab and FOH

Hello :wave: I’m sure this has been covered before but I can’t seem to find the correct thread. I’m looking to run my QC to my guitar cab and PA system simultaneously. Would somebody smarter than me be able to tell me how to manage the outputs? I obviously want the cab sim OFF when it’s heading to the orange cab and ON when it’s heading to the PA.

An idiots guide would be grand. :pray: thanks!

You would need to have 2 paths which could look like:

Row 1
Guitar > QC Input 1 > Amp Sim (on) > Cab Sim (on) > Output 1 > Front of house

Row 3
Guitar > QC Input 1 > Amp Sim (off) > Cab Sim (Off) > Output 2 > Whatever power amp you use > orange cab

You use Row’s 1 and 3 as they have independent cores, so you won’t get super CPU overload.

If you haven’t got a power amp, you will need one to be able to drive a passive cabinet (most cabinets are passive) > I use a Seymour Duncan Powerstage and it’s a monster, Orange also do one called a Pedal Baby I believe.

I use the FX Send block to do this. Pick the one you want, use Send Only then drag and drop it wherever you want in the chain.

Downsides are that it sacrifices an FX Loop though (hoping one day we can use Outputs 3/4 for this).

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That’s great man thank you for your reply. So I’m currently using a Duncan power stage with the QC into an orange 4x12. So I’m still using the amp sim for that chain, just not the cab sim.

The only issue with your suggestion for me is that I’ve got quite a few blocks in my chain and I’ve already extended the chain into row 3.

Would this make what you’re saying difficult as it requires two entirely separate chains, one for the PA and one for the CAB?

Thanks again

Yes you require 2 different chains/rows to be able to send 2 different outputs, there is no way to tell specify to the QC that you don’t want amp/cab sims on a specific output.

You would need to duplicate your chain/row and remove the amps + cab sims to achieve what you want.

If you’re running through a 4x12 on stage, why do you need to go through FOH? If they’re mic’ing up the cab they’ll do that anyway and if not your 4x12 is loud enough to fill the venue.

Yes, a 4x12 is loud enough to fill the place, but treble is lost, plus it is too directional. I understand the request. I don’t need stereo, to play live I send one stereo channel to FOH and the other to my Amp (4CM). But for those who use stereo it would not be possible

You don’t have to use multiple amp blocks. Here’s how I route mine (I run everything in mono):

Row 1
Noise gate, compressor, overdrive(s), amp block → send to Row 3

Row 3
Delay, reverb, *SPLIT TO ROW 4*, EQ → send to Output 3 → Orange Pedal Baby 100 power amp, 4x12 cab

Row 4
Cab block, EQ → send to Output 1 → FOH

Having a 4x12 cab behind you on stage feels $%&?ing awesome, plus the visual aesthetic it creates for you and your band is great. But mic’ing a cab is a bummer in a live situation because:

A) You can knock the mic over if you’re not careful (been there, done that), or…
B) The mic can fall over by itself if the sound guy is not careful setting it up (been there, suffered from that), or…
C) The sound guy sets up the mic in a wrong/wonky position over the speaker cone

Having an output on your QC dedicated to running a cab sim to FOH removes these risks and can take a lot of the guesswork out of EQ’ing and even compression on the sound guy’s part. More control for the player over how they sound live.


Correct he doesn’t need multiple amp/cab blocks if they’re ultimately going to be off.

Not sure what venues you’re playing by 60% of smaller venues in the UK have dog shite PA’s - can’t polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter I suppose haha

I’ve done my time playing metal shows in small dingy venues with crappy PA systems. I wish I could have had the QC back then in order to send a dedicated cab sim output to FOH no matter how loud I was on stage.

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