Worship Tutorials is having a 50% off sale. $7.50 for nice Captures

I picked up a few nice Captures last night and wanted to let you know they are on sale for half price. I picked up the Fender Princeton, Benson, A Fender Allessandro Deluxe Reverb, and a Matchless Chieftain. All for 30.00. I have used their presets when I had a PodGo and I like how they set things up for you. Giving you Scenes that make sense. Great for Church, but also great for anything else.

Note: You buy them and then they do it the “Inelegant way”, you have to give them your name on Cortex Cloud. Friend them on the cloud and they will friend you and share the captures you bought. It may take a few days. I guess they decided not to wait on the Market and I am glad they didn’t wait.

Update: Ordered the Captures last night and had them by 2pm today. Great service.
Essentially within 1 Working day. Cases may vary.