The Quad cortex captured my axe fx


Slightly more upper freqs in the QC? Does it matter? Sounded the same to me.

Nice video production, BTW. :metal:

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I listened to that on JBL LSR305s for a while and then headphones, couldn’t pick them apart
Not even when jumping between the same riffs/different tracks
That’s a great capture :smile:

If you were to make a best-of-fractal amps capture collection, I’d buy it

What’s the fractal pedal/amp/cab you used there?

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Hey there! I appreciate you taking the time to really listen to the comparison. I myself am blown away by the accuracy of the neural capture feature. I’m thinking about selling some capture packs when neural opens the market place. In the meantime you can download some free captures and presets, including the one used in the video here! Neural DSP Technologies - Algorithmically Perfect As far as the amp used in the video it was the angle severe and a blend of ir’s I put together

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