Favorite Fender/Vox style captures

Currently, all my playing is in worship settings (church). I’m looking for some amp models that sound great clean, but that I can add some overdrive to as needed. Any suggestions? I see tons for metal and hard rock, hoping there is something for this style as well

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I’ve been using a capture I made of my mid 60’s Ac30. You can find me on the cortex app under the name: sleiweke

The the one labeled Ac30 DI Capture & IR

If the preset doesn’t upload the IR that I made, let me know and I’ll send you a link for it too.

This one works really well with pedals. Either real or QT pedals. Just back off the gain a little if you want it to be super clean.


I wasn’t a huge fan of the Worship Tutorials captures and presets, and haven’t really explored many others.

If you’re not completely tied to using captures, I really recommend the Mesa Lone Star models. Very versatile for cleans and crunches. I use that for maybe 90% of worship sets to handle clean and overdrive sounds, then throw in an SLO100 if I want something heavier. Our church does a wide variety of styles, and the Lone Star handles it all nicely.

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Do you have a preset you can share with the rest of us P&W ppl? It would be much appreciated. I use the 2203 Factory Capture along with an Amp I created on my FM3 for the majority of my worship tones. You can download my preset on the Neural App:

FM3 AC30


This is what I’m currently using! It’s changed over time, but most of the core sounds are what I’ve played at services for the past year.

I use two expression pedals with this preset, one for volume/swells and one for wet/dry mix. I’m really hoping we get Hybrid Mode soon so that I can designate certain FX like OD and chorus to their own stomps, then just use scenes for changing amp rigs.

Worth noting that I use pretty hot humbuckers, so if you’re playing a single coil that preset would definitely need some adjustments.

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