Won't work over USB since latest update?

I’m having a problem since updating both the Quad Cortex and Cortex Control to the newest versions, my Quad Cortex doesn’t work over USB at all? I have reinstalled Cortex Control several times using different versions and reinstalled the Quad Cortex USB drivers but i’m having no luck with getting it to work again?

I am unable to duplicate the issue. Are you using a USB hub, have you tried alternate USB ports/cables?

have you checked Settings > Device Options > Diagnostics > USB Statistics?
that could confirm whether it might be a hardware issue

(my USB died a couple years ago, they had to replace the unit)

My QC and the new version of Cortex Control were not happy with each other last night. Tried several things and Cortex Control simply would not load or open fully. I restarted the QC. No help. Ultimately (and I probably should have done this first) I restarted my Mac Pro and then everything came back online and has been working perfectly. I think it might need to be suggested that users restart their computers after upgrading Cortext Control.

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I’m not using a hub and I have tried 3 known working cables on 2 computers and get the same results.

I’ve ran the diagnostics whilst my quad cortex was connected via 3 different cables on 2 computers, i’ve uploaded them to imgur:

Are they similar to your results when yours needed replacing?

Possibly, if none of those numbers are moving.